Some good advice would be greatly appreciated
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    Some good advice would be greatly appreciated

    Alright dudes, long story short.
    In my afc days i fucked up with a girl after multiple times of trying to hook up with her and at the same being dlv by opening myself emotionally to her. Basically we were just friends in her eyes, close, she hada guy and eventually it was a simple piss off i give up with u ramhotep we are not hooking up.
    That was januaryish last year. Since then my life has rocketed into amazing places and as a result, i rock, simply put.
    I have many chicks in my life now, all outside college, as since i failed with that one i didnt try again in college, but i keep many in college as friends, she is in the same social circles in col as me, but we stayed out of each others way mostly.
    I catch her always looking at me and know she wants to talk to me again, as mutual frends have told me so. and there is always a buzz about me in college, im well known for great reason.
    Her best mates throw the biggest n best parties which im not invited to because of my afcness way back then, her and her couple best mates know of it and ofc if were not talking why should i be invited?
    This is impacting my potential social prospects badly and dudes! What do i do to befriend her again, now that i have enough pussy not to concern myself with the 1st girl paying attention to me?

    Note : not oneitis, social trouble mainly.

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    Guess what? Friday night, and im not invited whilst the rest of my boys are. I just feel lonely sometimes, posting this from my phone in a chicks room. Shes knocked out. Gave her an orgasm that made her faint. But guess what? I just wana party with my mates!

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    how long till the party?

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    Just go up to her and start talking to her casually. Remember,
    you're too cool to worry about crap, and you don't even remember
    what happened with her because you have to many things to do.

    If she brings it up, smirk, small cocky laugh, and say something like
    "hmm, Well I grew up and got past that. Come talk to me when you

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    I can talk..i shoulda clarified. She is the sum of all my fears. AA through the roof. She aint no model, but damn, id have an easier time chatting with courtney love.

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    All I have to do is tie a crack pipe around my waist and
    I'll have Courtney Love chasing me around.

    So why the approach anxiety with her?!? I've never had AA
    with someone I know.

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    Serious psychological shit Im just gonna follow a certain puas advice and stop being a motherfudgin pussy!

  8. Dude.... If this really is just about the social circle and you have AA with this girl then just find another way to break in. I'm sure there's plenty of other people you can befriend.

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    Wow bro this is going to be rough...
    Before I go into detail here I need you to do a couple things for me:

    1. Put your hand down the front of your pants and make sure you have balls. You got them? good, now there is no excuse for being a pussy.

    2. Take a good long look at yourself in the mirror. Looking? now slap the shit out of yourself.

    I am telling you this out of love man, there is no hostility here. If you get pissed at me you are just gonna miss the message. You just contradicted the shit out of yourself. You are talking about how you are the shit and you made some chick pass out and you are scared to talk to some bitch just because she rejected you? Bro I have been rejected hundreds of times and it could have been hundreds more if I had developed a pair of balls in high school. Fuck it. It doesnt matter. Mystery gets rejected, Style gets rejected, everyone fucking gets rejected. Bring out your inner Tyler Durden (the movie one not the PUA) and show her that you are not edward fucking norton anymore. I guarantee you she doesnt give a shit about the fact that you tried to hook up with her. Just walk up to her and literally say I grew a pair of balls, I understand how the world works and Im sorry the old me was such a fucking tool. If she cant accept you admitting you were a pussy and apologizing then she looks bad in front of her friends and you still come off as a pimp. It takes a much bigger man to admit past mistakes than to ignore them plus you will feel much better once you get over it. DO IT


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