Time for a BIG change
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  1. Time for a BIG change

    Hey this is my first post and im new to the seduction community but ive watched all of mysery's 5 dvds and read a bit of revelation... But my biggest problem is i am always theoretical but never practical.

    Ive started college. Ive been quite ok in popularity back in high school and had alot of people respect and know me... Even had alot of girl mates to talk to.. nowdays i have just next to none.. I hung around respected alphas and thus gained alot of confidence to go up to basically anyone and start a convo.. wether it be hot or fuggly, it didnt matter to me.

    Ive lost these friends a year ago.. with my confidence. Lost these girl mates also as i could not convey my confidence as did before. can u fucking believe i cant talk to them??

    Now basically i know the theory of MM but have no practical skills.
    I can very easily random girls but those that do not interest me sexually.
    The ones i desire i have a hard time with approaching them..
    The college i went to has literally no1 i know.. so i have to start making a social circle from scratch..

    Havent had a girlfriend in 3 years. Pretty frustrating.
    Its time for a huge change.
    any tips/comments?

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    Start doing interesting things; attend lectures, group meetings, etc. Frequent the same places a few times a week to start building familiarity and establishing a "base camp". Focus on body language, style, your voice, and opening.

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    Mystery's stuff is great. Did you read the Game? How about the Laws of Attraction. (If thats what its called, its a pink book, With two others in its serious, Power and Warfare)

    If you work retail, you have a golden ticket. Just saying Hello to everyone, not just the girls, that walks in the store helps you build confidence. If you can sell them something, you get that much better at selling yourself into bed.

    Good luck Brother.
    Welcome to the Community.

    Edit: Search for Mr. M's freebies. Qualification, Attraction.
    Have a question? Search first. Hundreds of posts may have already had your problem and figured out the answer.
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