Things You Wish You Did at 20?
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    Things You Wish You Did at 20?

    You know what I wish I did so many things before. I know it may sound crazy, but I wish that I lost my virginity at age 13, tried to drink at 13 etc. Instead I tried alchol when I was 15 and lost my virginity when I was 16.

    However, all this stuff is to late now, but I just don't want to make the same "mistake" anymore Do you guys over 20, what would you wish that you had done when you were 20?

    My list so far:

    -Have a threesome
    -Fuck a milf
    -Try bungee jumping and parachute jumping

    Trust you more knowledgeable PUA's out there to give me a smart answers on my questions. Promise to answer replies as soon as I can.

    Many thanks

  2. why?

    Why u want to have lost ur virginity or drink at 13? you did that at 15-16 thats still a good age, u were not getting rotten or something like that... besides when u are 13 a lot of things can go wrong since u r less careful, experienced, etc...

    nyway, dont mean to preach i just want u to not feel like a mistake that kind of things, i am 26 and lost my v card at 16 and drink at 17... no problem with that, actually i feel ok with the fact i didnt drink until 17 coz i did it by own choice, in my school/neighborhood there was a lot pressure to drink/drugs long before but i just didnt feel like and did it when I WANTED... nyway enough preaching...

    since i am way past 20 now, i will do my list of things i want to do b4 30...

    in no particular oder:

    1) Have a threesome -several
    2) Travel to India and other countries in South Asia
    3) Earn a million dlls a year.
    4) Parachute jumping
    5) Sky diving
    6) Become a good dancer.
    7) Learn guitar.

    and many many... all of them can be easily achieved in less than 4 years, so i guess the list will grow

    all the best

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