Cute Gothette in class, I want to hit on her!
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    Cute Gothette in class, I want to hit on her!

    So my lecture, once a week, chickened out today, but I've got one week to prepare for it. About 400 people there, but I'm pretty sure she sits in the same spot.

    Not outcome oriented, no need her to be my gf or to have sex.

    Just want to go talk to her, not screw up and get a chance to see her again to work some game.

    Any goth specific tips? And lecture time is taboo for talking, so tips here too.

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    Don't think to much about it, it'll just make matters worse. Implement a game plan and talk to her.. Don't be a panty waste about it. Have fun with it. Also don't be scared to mess up.

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    gaming a "gothette" is no different than any other girl, so dont worry about that. just do a search for classroom game, theres some pretty good threads out there.
    maybe pass her a note like you would in 6th grade, maybe comment to her about the food stuck in the professor's teeth. if ur rly struggling, just ask to borrow a pen.

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    Ah bugger,

    A series of unfortunate events OR
    How AA froze me like a Popsicle in a Siberian winter.

    I got no excuse cept for my own incompetency in AA.

    I went in to the lecture hall early, expecting her not to be there so I can strategically placed myself near where she usually sits, the room was near empty but she was already there and talking to another guy.

    They looked like they were talking about some work, so I sat nearby but couldnt find an excuse to get close enough, eventually the guy left and the hall filled up with people.

    By now my AA is really high due to the number of people around, a mixed 2 set sat down next to me and I opened them to get some social proof, she was still sitting by herself, I couldn't imagine any openers that would take me 5 seats all the way to talk to her, so I decided to wait till the end. 2 hours.

    In my head: I would open her with, "Question?, Are you in a goth rock band?" ---> "Cos the way you look" ---> "Actually, I would kick myself if I didnt say hi, my name is"

    At the end, people started drifting out slowly and making a lot of noise, I went over, stood in front of her like a complete tool while she packed her laptop, eventually gave in to AA and left an reborn AFC again.

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    lol thats so funny.
    "Are you in a goth rock band... or are you just a poser?"
    "Hey, are you into really dark witchcraft type of stuff.. because baby, you've put a spell on me!"
    "I think you smudged your eye liner..heres a tissue.. oh wait , its meant to look like that"

    Ok, not great openers. Pretend shes not gothic and treat her like a normal girl. Are you gothic too?

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    sit next to her..
    during the lecture write on ur paper.. "this blows ..knots and crosses" and draw up the game with ur first move..

    tease her if u win..
    call her a smartass if u lose

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    hi guys thanks for being here, I think I have succumbed to oneitis, the waiting and thinking/fantasizing has lead to AA building up which I don't think I can get rid of easily.

    I would appreciate if someone could detail a game plan which leads me from opening to transitions to comfort to close. I will follow it without thinking until I get blown out or rejected. At least I don't have to worry about it anymore.

    Next session is in 2 weeks, I'll give it one last shot and then move on to the next 1000 girls.

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    to be perfectly honest, when i read that first sentence and got to the "o-n-e-..." i almost puked. seriously, thats the most painful thing to hear. especially since u HAVENT EVEN TALKED TO HER YET.
    COME ON MAN! u cant get hung up on one girl like this. don't u dare.
    Claiming u have oneitis like this is taking the bitch way out. all ur doing is making another excuse. u just wanna say "i like this one girl too much, so im not going to talk to any other girls." and "i like this girl too much and i dont want to blow it, so im going to wait forever so i never get shot down."
    now do yourself a favor: Go to the gym and lift some heavy shit. Then go jerk off. then do wutever else will make u feel like a man again. then realize that this is only 1 girl out of 3 billion. Of course u can be attracted to her, u shold be interested still. BUT do NOT mistake interest and attraction for anything more than that.

    *im not trying to be an asshole, but it should sound like im verbally kicking u in the balls. I know others have done the same to me and its the best medicine. that and getting with other girls.

  9. you dont need any game plan...just go up and sit down next to her and say "hey how are you?' There is nothing wrong with meeting people in your class...I've done this before and girls are very receptive. I even did this with guys to make friends and they are cool with it. People know that it's the norm to meet people in class..

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    I agree with newbiepua, just sit down and say "hi" generally they'll say hi back, if not, then do you really want to get to know someone who's a mean person right at the first impression? if she says hi to you, just get a small convo goin on, compliment her on something, and make it specific. nothing like, "you look cool" but something a lil more like "Wow, you have really nice teeth" (don't use that unless she does), but just be specific about it. Anyway, just sit and and say hi.


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