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    Hey guys/girls
    Great forum here, got some really good advice and resources going on here, it's good see see such a strong community.
    Bit of a long post.

    Looking for a bit of advice on getting my current LTR into wanting to get out more, hobbies, more wild and exciting things etc.

    I have plenty of hobbies and interests to keep me busy, I consider myself to have a fairly open mind to new things... but my LTR is slowly turning to a couch potato. She doesn't seem real keen on doing much at all. She has started feeling bad (as it seems most women inevitably do, even though she's a solid 8) about her image, so I (not straight after she brought up feeling 'fat') said we'd go on a bike ride. "Yeah, that sounds fun!!!". When it comes to going; "not right now, I'm watching TV". Eventually, about a week ago, we went on one, but the seat wound up hurting her back. So I got her a new, cushier seat. I put it on for her, she used it for 3 minutes and made an excuse to go inside and sit down...

    Even sexually she's become lazy. Normally she's generally always horny. Last month, not much sex at all. In the last, say, 4 months (relationship for 2 years total), she has been fairly closed minded sexually. A bit over a year ago, we were out with friends and she wanted us to have a threesome, she was practically begging for it, albeit quite liquored up. I declined (fuck knows why). Recently I brought it up and we talked about it (foolish move) and she said she didn't want to. Also, before we were together she had kissed another girl, and at first she said she enjoyed it, later on in that conversation she said she was joking and that she had no regrets but did not enjoy it. Another example was me narrating the fantasy of a girl eating her out while I fingered and kissed her and she got right off on that, only to later say she was fantasizing over me doing both parts (even though during narration I said "can you imagine [girl we know] doing this" to which she responded "mmm hmmm").

    She used to be a fairly wild, adventurous girl, and when she was it was great. I want her to have at least a hobby because I'm concerned that all she does is watch TV, I'm not keen on nexting her over the idiot-box.
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    She may be depressed. Ask her about it. If she won't do any activities with you and is just hanging out on the couch getting fat, that is not going to change. If she's not depressed and is just happy chilling in front of the TV all the time, I'd dump her.


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