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    Those are some sick items you got in your house. I'll definitely copy and paste some of those into mine, hahaha. I don't really have anything fancy, other than a bass guitar, an acoustic guitar, and the one that does open their eyes and drop their jaws, a 7 x 3 Liberator Zeppelin in my room. Lots of room to roll around with the girls

    Quote Originally Posted by Gsport View Post
    Just moved in and decided to spend a little dought to create a nice atmosphere... not super cheap but makes girls cream every time they come over... so nice my place is the designated after party pad...
    Keep in mind that may not fit all style... my apartment is in an old factory that has been rehabilitated in nice lofts... hardwood floors and brick walls
    Here is the furniture I bought:
    1) 2 french club leather chairs (1930's) used of course... quite hard to find but you can them fairly cheap if you search well ($300 a piece if you're lucky) - definitely puts a nice classy vintage look
    2) 1 old 1960's Vespa... it doesn't work but still looks awesome - that is the killing piece of the room... chicks really dig that, and it enables you to plug your memories from your trip to Italy...
    3) Flat screen TV hung on the brick wall
    4) Oak barell that you stick in the corner is can be used as a bar table
    5) Leather couch with pillows thrown on negligeably
    6) 2 big Bamboos trees, to be placed on the corner of the room (8ft tall... its a pain to take care of but it's fab next to the Vespa)
    7) Low & long coffee table put on a slightly larger carpet (remember on HW floor)

    Lastly... the lighting is probably doing 50% of the room atmosphere... you want a suave lighting... Ikea has some cheap and neat papyrus floor lamps that really put a warm feeling to this room

    Always keep a nice champagne bottle in the fridge - I swear a girl will NEVER pulls some LMR on you once you crack it open. Also don't drink it all up... as you will need to use some on her body... trust me, it might sound corny but very few girls had a guy drinking champage off of their body, and they all want to check the box at some point !

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    A collage of photos (100-200+ photos) stuck onto my wall with blue tak. Tells more about me than an entire night of conversation...makes DHVing a little too easy.

    Also learn to make a few simple, yet classy drinks - really impresses girls and hey, they dont even know theyre getting drunk. Some recommendations: Lychee + Vodka and Sprite, cassis orange, malibu coke, tequila sunrise, mohito, gin + tonic etc. you get the idea. Combine that with a hookah and some nice alcohol and youre good to go for some nice "conversation"
    I can make farting look like a DHV.

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    Having had a look at some of the excellent artwork ideas suggested here, I stumbled across http://shop.ebay.co.uk/livinlux-shop...&_trksid=p3686

    a replication shop that has Perez, Lichtenstein, Kinkade, Vettriano, Warhol et al

    Ffinding this almost made me hard!

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    i like the idea of filling a room with candles, but it is currently filled with carpet and wood, and i cant help but see my house going on fire

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    Not really a pad...I share a house and have taken over the double garage as my art studio which I have decked out (or should I say sexed out) as my art studio. I do airbrushing and portraits. A great place for me to be creative.

    I have a big very comfy lounge suite with a bunch on cushions and and fluffy throw rugs on one side of the garage and a large rug. I use thick blood red curtains along the wall behind the couch. I use a lot of dark passionate colours. Low coffee table. Lots of art books. Lamps that point at artworks. Many candles. A large square bookshelf divider to hide where the tools. Well stocked fridge. Laptop and speakers for music. Lots of stuff from Ikea

    I want to steal that Vespa idea though haha. I love those things. One of my coffee table books is all about retro scooter advertisments. Id love to get a pool table but I also airbrush on cars so I need the space.

    Its my favourite place to chill out...everyone who comes over loves it. They cant believe its a garage

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    these things are awesome

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    before going into your bedroom take it and write, "having sex, keep out" or something else haha..

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