Seducing My Sexy Neighbor Plan
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  1. Seducing My Sexy Neighbor Plan

    Okay, I'm bringing this up in this thread because I feel I'll need your help for this one. So any comments, help, lines, and anything regarding scoring with this girl will be appreciated.

    I just moved to my new place a few days ago. Make a long story short, I have a sexy neighbor, a HB8, I'm not gonna exaggerate and make her a 9 or 10, but she's definetly good looking and has a good body.

    Her background... I opened her a while ago (2 weeks) we had a good convo, some IOIs, established Kino, DHV, and some fluff talk. She lives with her mom only, she has 2 tattoos, some piercings, though not really gothic. She has 2 Dogs, She'll be 21 in February 28. She's a waitress at some restaurant, She plans to move in the summer to another state, she spends a lot of time in her home, she's alone in the afternoons a lot... Oh yeah, and she has a boyfriend, I think he's older than her.

    You're probably thinking... Orochi.. you're overthinking this, just be cool and non needy, and so far that's what I've been doing. But of course I'm going to overthink about this, it's not everyday you move next to a girl you can see everyday, imagine the advantages of this, if I score here, I'll definetly be in heaven for quite sometime.

    Okay moving on to the action part... If I want to open her again, or establish more comfort, I will have to go over and show myself at her house, I mean she's not gonna come here for me. I'm thinking of doing this tomorrow after school, I plan to go over there, say hi for my family, tell her and her mom about my family, what to expect, tell them if we've been loud, ask them about the neighborhood (hopefully I'll be asked to come in by then) I'll talk about what I do, I'll bring up my homework assignment in acting class and act with her (I have a script) I will ask if i can look up some plays on her computer, I will ask her about what she does for fun, I'll tease, C/F when I can. I'll go into some kino routines... I'll invite her to come and play rockband 2 with me and my brother sometime, I'll talk about movies and see what movies she has, I'll add her on myspace... It's a plan, things can turn out different.

    Now some questions before tomorrow when I go into action, I'll post my own answers besides it but other's points of views will be appreciated... Should I really open her this way? - Yes.. Will it seem needy? - Yes.. Should I invite her over to me and my parents place even though it looks like shit now? - She won't mind... Should I open when her mom is home or when she isn't? - Open with her mom... Should I ask about her Valentine's day? ..?.. IF I get the IOIs should I go for the kiss? I mean, this is my neighbor, besides hooking up we could hang out as friends, but if I fuck it up, she might distant herself/think of me as a pervert/or just not enjoy the chase anymore.. I guess my real question is... Should I go for the quick killer which is Kiss Close as soon as I get the opening... or the slow but sure killer.. Build great attraction/comfort that will drive her crazy and Kiss her one day at the roof of my mobile home below the stars having a deep conversation...

    Okay this is kind of long, Tell me what you think, any insights on this, if someone has gamed their neighbor before your advice will be greatly appreciated. I will update this as soon as I have interaction with her. Peace.

    - Orochi

  2. Well since no one gave their opinion, I decided to do as planned. I went and opened her while she was in her car ready to leave, it was the only chance I had as I had just come home from college. I told her I would need her help with an assignment in my college, she agreed, she said she was having a post-valentine's date with her boyfriend, fucking surprise lol... But yea, I'm in... tomorrow to do some acting with her, I'm still game, whatever happens, score or not, it will be interesting, the many days to come for her to hang out with me will make her think about how her bf isnt that amazing anymore... ... I'm evil :/

    - Orochi

  3. Oh yeah, that past date got cancelled due to the fact that she was out and i was in and then i was out and she was in, u know how that shit happens.

    Update: I got on my bus and headed home, no girls to approach.... I got home and I went online for a bit, I saw my neighbors(HB7.5+BF) car outside, I debated about wether to open or not.... APPROACH ANXIETY IS KICKING IN!!!! I knew I had to do it, if I didn't open today, tomorrow would be the same, it had to be done, and it had to be done TODAY!

    I open the back door, started walking towards my neighbor house, I knocked on the door, and her mom showed up.... I said hi, introduced myself and my family at the same time, told her which was which, My neighbor showed up, she was on her way out... FUCK. I told her we had to do this thing together, I actually don't even need to anymore, it's just an excuse. We agreed to do it thursday afternoon, There is no turning back now, I will meet her this day and we will do it, I will try to get the attraction switches on this day.

    However, I did get to get on the mom's good side, I got inside, talked about the puppies, talked about the neighbors, what she did, ran some game on her even and shit, the IOIs were there lol....

    Girl's Mom: I have seen the 4 year old kid, he's adorable, so cute.
    Orochi: Well that's really nice of you you know, cause my parents say, he looks exactly like me when I was his age.
    Girl's Mom: Oh you're gorgeous hun, If I was your age, I'd steal you definetly, you'd be so mine...
    Orochi: (Wasn't expecting it, laugh...) Thanks...

    It did take me by surprise I have to admit, We talked a bit more, she told me about my neighbor(her daughter) told me that she was worried, she was coming home late at 3 a.m. i got to see some pictures of her and her bf kissing, they look happy. This is going to be a challenge it seems. But my looks, attraction skills, and comfort game, should be enough in some days to get her, I hope... We walked out, her mom showed me some plants we said good bye. Hopefully mommy will say nice things about me

    I'll be sure to bring a FR on this girl on thursday, the plan continues

    - Orochi

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    She'd be a good pivot. To me, her boyfriend is a presence and I've never been big on interfering unless I get a sense that there's something missing, or nearing the end. I'm far from anti boyfriend destroying, but in this case, cool friendly neighbor that's going to move = new place to visit. And that is always good... place to sleep, place to eat, new place to go out to, and being social proofed by an HB8 with a decent social circle is pretty great. You can hook up with just about anyone she knows and leave, no strings attached. Plus travelling leads to good stories for later.

    It's going to be hard to tell the state of her relationship unless you do a lot of talking and influencing her over time vs a crash and burn with someone you're going to continue to have to live next to. One thing to get rejected at a club with someone you'll rarely see or never see again, sometimes the next time you see them you're going to go home with them that night, but another when you have to see them every day and might just want to hang out and nothing else.

    If she ends it with her boyfriend because she's moving, it's possible to go in for a rebound if you're never going to see her again, but you might also lose the possibility of anything happening later if you go visit. Sometimes it pays to wait. She might be there a month and decide it's not for her and just move back. Plus it's likely she's going to be coming back to visit her mom.

    The one thing you need to find out is if she's happy in the relationship and what she plans on doing when she moves. That's going to play a part in your next move. But I do think you need to be gaming like crazy.

  5. Thanks for your point of view, I agree in a lot of those things, and I've debated on them for a while. Slow and steady might be the way to go, however I do need to get at least a bit romantically involved. I will talk to her this thursday, do an acting scene, I'll be a good friend for the time being and if anything escalates, which I know I'll be able to tell, as I game girls with bfs in my college, then I'll go for the killer.

    She wants to move to another state, yet her mom doesn't want her to, we'll see how that works out, I think she's insecure as to what she's doing in her life.

    I think it'll be a good idea to go out with her and meet her friends, Since I just moved here, it's a good idea to make a social circle on this side of the city.

    I'll bring back the report on thursday on how things went, check for IOIs and build comfort, I do know she's attracted to me, and I got her mom on my side, however attraction is not enough for this one cause of the bf thing. If I see she isn't sure about the boyfriend then I'll go for it, if they seem too happy, I'll make her a pivot and keep my options open. Thanks for your reply any other things you might like to point out are welcome.

    - Orochi

  6. Update February - 27

    Okay here's how the deal went with this girl, our times seem very different, I'm in when she's out and i'm out when she's in. Today I came early from school and saw her car, I was like fuck it and went ahead to open for her, no fear or A.A. I just went for it.

    She opened, I brought her movie back she let me borrow, I also bought her a movie for her birthday that she told me she loved but she didn't have, might've been an AFC move but she did melt in the moment and fell into my arms, quite frankly I expected an "Awwwwww" but the hug I didn't expect it I ended up being the one saying... "Awwwww you're so cute"

    But anyways, I teased her a bit that she's never home to take care of mom, I also # closed her, telling her to give me a text or call when she's actually available, I gave her my times and she gave me hers. I talked with her for a little while, play with the dogs, to show that i'm a lovable man, I kept talking to the dog telling it "you're so fucking cute" she like that. But anyways, getting to hang with this girl is proving quite difficult cause of the times, since she's my neighbor I really thought she'd be at home a lot, but looks like she's not

    However I got her number and that's a + cause I can txt game her... I'll update on how it goes, once I get to hang out with her, escalating will be so much easier.

    - Orochi

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    Okay i read this whole thing and you better not disappoint me man. As for advice i'd try to show more C&F. I'm also sure she could care less about her boyfriend if she is moving away. Unless she's moving with him.

    For the BOYFRIEND ...There's a thread on here called the "Boyfriend Destroyer" it works well if applied correctly.


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