Any Success with or other dating site
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    Any Success with or other dating site

    hi i signed up with a couple of months a go after pasting to 40 dirrent profiles i finnaly got a date but i was slightly dissapointed because although her picture was good i thought she was slim but when i say her when i went for a date i realised she was fat which upset me so that put me off for some time.

    Anyway has anyone that was not drop dead gorgeous have any success on or any other dating site.

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    Great success online.
    There should be a online forum for that on here as well.

    It`s nice because you can be more specific on what you`re looking for.
    And... you can do it from home and in your underwear.

    There should be advice on how to / what to include in your profile on here as well.

    Plenty of (POF) is alot like Match... but FREE...and alot like shooting fish in a barrel. Enjoy.

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    chukster, your thread was moved to "Online Game" from Discussion. Please post anything about online game, including dating sites, in this subforum.

    Also, there are A LOT of posts about dating sites in this Forum folder, so scan through it, or search "" and you'll get plenty of feedback right away.

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  4. I like've dated a few women from online sites. Here are some of my learnings (I'm no expert, but I am trying to get better):

    It's pretty easy to get a girl's number on their. Great price too...something like $12 for 6 months and a guarantee that you'll find love, or 6 more months for free! Definitely read their profile and write to them if you really want to meet them. Tease them about an odd thing on their profile and don't mention your name, don't tell them you look foward to meeting them, just tease them and end it with a period. It's try-hard if you end your message with...I can't wait to hear back from you, your name.

    Just like in everyday pick-up (which I need to start learning for crying out loud), you don't want to reveal everything about yourself immediately, especially such personal info as your name, number and such. If they respond to your message with their name at the end, that's a signal for you to mention your name on your next e-mail.

    Lots of girls seem to mention on their profiles that they like to cook. Ask them what they are famous for cooking and they'll surprisingly answer back many times. Take it from there.

    Don't forget OKCUPID.COM...It's just like match and all those other dating sites, but it is completely free!!

    Oh! I forgot to mention that many people on these online dating sites are weird in some way. Definitely filter the good ones with a phone call first to see if her personality is even kool. I've met many anti-social, boring people that I mistakenly went out without a phone call beforehand. Sadly I've talked to one too many people from these sites that have major health issues as well! This one girl had kidney stones and a heart problem...And she was actually very cute!

  5. I have tried with some success.

    eHarmony sucks.
    Fling sucks.

    I like POF and AdultFriendFinder.



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