Jeremy Soul Day Game Workshop - LA, February 2009 (with Kisser and Keychain)
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    Jeremy Soul Day Game Workshop - LA, February 2009 (with Kisser and Keychain)

    Hey Guys,

    I'm 36 and had gotten in the habit over the past 10 years of only meeting women online. I had zero pick up skills and felt like I just didn't have the personality type to pull it off. Online I had developed a tremendous batting average and rarely suffered rejection so it had become really comfortable except...I wasn't meeting the right women for me. Sites like seemed more like a recycling bin of undesirable women who don't have the qualities that keep a guy around.

    I found the community 5 months ago and read everything I could. However, I again got stuck online because I kept putting off field practice. In the back of my mind I was trying to avoid rejection by becoming an expert in theory before putting in the practice. So in 5 months I made only 5 approaches! 4 were at clubs and they went nowhere. 1 was at a Petco store and that went well. I decided I wasn't comfortable at clubs and ideally didn't want to have relationships with club girls so when I found out about Soul and his reputation for Day Game excellence I signed up immediately for his LA seminar and field. I also knew that I had to sign up because I needed someone to kick me in the ass to get started because I sure as heck wasn't doing it myself!

    Everything that has been said about Souls warmth, expertise and encouragement is true! The seminar was easy to understand and the direct approach he teaches seemed to be much more manly than the indirect approach. While I understand the benefits of indirect I always had to ask myself, "why don't I have the right to just go up to a beautiful woman and make it known immediately that I find her attractive"? However, that's easier said than done. Soul explained the nuances of how to pull that off in a way that will translate into success. He demonstrated an opener on me that was so hypnotic and compelling I almost forgot that I'm straight! Haha!

    Much of what he teaches contradicts other methods however I found his way much more agreeable to my personality. Practically speaking we can't all be doing the same thing anyway so it's great that Soul has infused this variety into dating methodology.

    When we got into the field I was nervous and could feel my legs shaking. Intellectually, I knew the concepts of PU but my inner game sucked because I had put off dealing with this for so many years that I no longer believed in myself. Keychain and Kisser were there with me and I told them that in a year from now I'll look back and feel silly about this trepidation but that for now I just feel nervous. Keychain said it wouldn't be a year - it would be only 4 hours. He was wrong because it was actually only 2 hours to get into the flow!

    We went up and down the 3rd street promenade in LA and they literally pushed me into my first approach. It bombed but I was relieved that I didn't die of embarrassment. Actually I didn't take it personally because I knew it wasn't me. It was just my approach that needed work. The instructors patiently corrected my mistakes, (posture, tonality, expression, etc.) and I kept getting better.

    The first 8 approaches pretty much bombed, however I did 10 more and 6 of them turned into conversations. I got a phone number from this 9HB from Lithuania. I also approached two 10HB models who were taking photos of each other on the street. By this time I was so comfortable that I had them laughing immediately. I felt like I had a right to be in their company and it was natural! When their friend came along, (also a 10HB), she saw us all laughing together and immediately stuck out her hand with a big smile and introduced herself! (Social proof and pre-selection at work). I had a lot in common with one of them and she asked for my contact info! It was friggin' insane!

    I watched Kisser and Soul go after some major HB's and number close and instant date. I'm a believer! They're batting average is like Babe Ruth high.

    The instructors were very encouraging and supportive and it felt as if they were giving me permission to do things outside my comfort zone that I would never have done on my own. Keychain gave me loads of fantastic advice and I'd definitely recommend him and Kisser for one on ones. You can't get this kind of experience from books. I feel like a different person today and I'm going to continue getting into the field as much as possible. I still have approach anxiety but I developing competency so it's gonna be OK and I'm looking forward to seeing how my life is going to change.

    I could go on all day about how amazing and a tremendous value this experience was. Can't recommend it enough. 5 stars!

    P.S. The seminar was yesterday and Keychain assigned me to at least one approach a day. Since I'm just in my hotel all day I just gamed, you guessed it- the maid who did happen to be hot...unfortunately she didn't speak English but seemed noticeably flattered enough to blush!
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    Dude, simply incredible seeing the growth & change within you during our time in the field!! That was just jaw-dropping when you had THREE HOT MODELS surrounding you on the street, and the 3rd one walked up & introduced herself to you!! Wow, just wow. So proud of you, man. Congratulations... keep up the great work!


  3. Jeremy Soul's Day Game Workshop - LA Feb 2009 with Kisser, Keychain and SirSlick

    Simply put it was awesome, specifically having 4 very skilled instructors; Soul, Kisser, Keychain, and up incoming Bonsai. The class size was very small and had plenty of one on one and two on one time with them.
    First a little background; I have read magic bullets (and gaming for 2 months before this course), which put me above the average guy in terms of pick-up game. However, there were missing parts that have to come from either experience or being taught. Just as learning a foreign language, there are some parts that are going to be missing from auto-didactic approach. In this context, one can experiment to fill in the gaps, but experimentation takes a long time, especially when youíre like me and come from a very small town where good game is difficult to come by on a regular basis. Not to mention psychological barriers to that will invariably crop up.
    Now on to the Class; To make it simple, I would have to say that Soul and his team moved me about a year forward in terms of experience, not taking into account all the work that solidified a good strong basic game. Now that's not to say that everyone comes away with the same amount of experience; but Soul and the rest of the team have a knack for making a solid daygame as well as teaching some of the much more advanced concepts. Despite the 8 hour course sounding small in comparison to the weekend boot-camps, there is a massive amount of information that is specific to the daygame. In general if the day game is what you want, then these courses or one-on-one with any of these guys will provide exactly what you want as well itís a hell of a lot of fun!
    Now my review of each of the instructors individually for those wishing to do one on one, or just get a better feel
    Soul- Where do I start?, Soul has passion, commitment and one of the most positive attitudes I have ever been around. However, when I first came I though him more like a deity of the Daygame, an almost unobtainable level of mastery. As I worked with him I saw the truth, after seeing him get blown -out a couple of times, I realized that he was subject to the same rules of the game as any other PUA/Dating Coach, but the difference was practice, skill and cleverness; all combined with a burning desire for self-improvement makes him a master instructor in my opinion.
    Style archetype: English Gentleman
    Kisser- If there was ever a person I have met that was more like a bolt of lightning in terms of personality it would be Kisser. He seems to electrify the room heís in and keep everyoneís spirits up despite any doubt or concerns that come up. I didnít get the advantage of working with him this time but I will be doing one on one with him in the next few months, and Iím quite sure that it will just as electrifying as his work at this session.
    Style archetype: Red Flash
    Keychain: Is there anything quite as interesting as a Scottish Rocker? Keychain has a style about him that defiantly oozes cool. Combined with the fact that he is the real McCoy, he adeptly fits the part. Although I didnít get to work with him specifically, I found that his calm collected personality, with a jaunty streak to be particularly effective as a PUA. In my opinion his balance between personality and style make a serious contender in the Daygame arena
    Style archetype: Rock Star
    Bonsai: Last but most certainly not least. Despite not officially being an instructor, his skill speaks for itself. Bonsai is beyond what anyone would expect, out of all the Love systems people at the course, I defiantly found the most commonality with him during my sarging experience. He provides the ice to the others fire, with a chill composed personality, which shows his sympathetic side, especially with those that choke up with AA (Approach anxiety). Like a skilled fencer his game is focused, yet he wields his game with great grace and agility (especially to catch those moving sets!) and draws down on his specific target with the same focus.
    Style archetype: Icy cool
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