Why won't she return calls or text? Is she interested?
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  1. Why won't she return my text or calls?

    I'll keep this short as possible. Girl was on my msn list somehow, dont know who she was. Chatted to her, got along well, chit chatted on the fone, then ask her to hang out 3 days later on a saturday. So this 'date' went ok, had few drinks, had dinner, then more drinks, but we weren't drunk or anything. Went for a walk, sat down chit chat more, then kissed, more kissing, then held hands rest of night and just enjoyed each other's company. Came back to my place, no sex (because she said she had her periods), but did a bit of fooling around etc. Morning bit awkward, i kept creating conversation and walked her to train station (this is now sunday). AT night i text her, she text back, over 10 text each - bit of flirting etc. Monday more of the same. Tuesday i text ask to see her again. She text back but ignored my question. Wednesday quiet. Thursday i call ask to meet on saturday, she said she call me back at night to confirm - she didn't. Friday i call her to see if we on, she say she busy. At this point, im like thinking f*ck this. So no contact on sat or sun. But sun night she text me and says "Hey". I ignore. Monday nothing, Tuesday she text me and says "Heya". Then i text back saying "Hey u" but get no response. Wednesday i call her, she didn't answer. Now its Thursday, she hasn't replied to my text or returned my miss call, what the hell is going on??? Can someone explain. Some notes and information i've gathered. To me this is rude. Doesn't matter how busy i am i'm sure i can spare 2 misn to return a text or call.

    1. We have each other on facebook, she says she in relationship (she obviously knows i can see this)
    2. Although in relationship, her posts say she's single and feels alone
    3. On our date, she said she single
    4. When we were making out she said i was really hot and was very attracted to me and that next time we see each other that we would get more wild (her words)
    5. She was really wild and did alot of stuff for me in bed without me even asking
    6. She's 22, i'm 26. She's in uni, i work

    At this point, i've made the decision to back off completely and not call or text. But anyone who can offer advice will be much appreciated. Also anyone can let me know what she thinking or whether she's interested.
    I honestly like this girl and believe there is something there. If i didn't care i would'nt be so worked up over this.


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    Too needy! Just back off and let it happen don't force it, if she wants to chill she'll make it known, in the meantime game 10+ chicks and see if you meet someone who you have a better connection with.

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    Yeah, you are definately coming across as too needy, she might be a little cooky too. Honestly, unless she is some incredible girl that is really worth your time, which Im guessin shes not, dont waste your time..... NEXT

  4. Yeah fair enough. To be honest, my approach to girls has been come out all guns ablazing and it has always worked for me. This is the first time it hasn't. So do you guys think she is consciously doing this on purpose?

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    You are being wayyyyyyyyyyy too needy and she is trying to get out. You did great on your date, but you ruined it by calling so much. Next time, only talk to her 2-3 times a week until you/she is ready to step it up a bit.

    Also, whenever a girl is listed in a relationship on facebook, don't always trust it. More often than not, it's a private joke between her and one of her girlfriends.

  6. Thanks for the replies guys.

    I honestly don't think i texted too often since she did reply back enthusiastically in a flirty way. i only called because in the previous texts we hinted to have a second date over the weekend, and i wanted to confirm it. so the state of play right now is, i made the last call 2 day ago, no response. obviously i would like to see her again, but i know calling her or texting again will kill all my chances. how long should i wait before i should forget her (its killing me inside).
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    Dude, I'm in a similar situation. Just because a girl is responsive, at first, you can still be killing it with the contact everyday. It's like at first you guys are going 100mph then the girl gets freaked out (beautiful emotional creatures) and the brakes are slammed on. Just forget about her and see what happens. If you liked this one you'll like the next one just the same. Good luck bro. Really I feel ya.

  8. thanks mate.

    i know my methods go against all the advice given here, but i mean i've had success with likw 10-15 girls coming on real strong. my female friends say they love it as it shows the guy knows wot he wants and is in total control. But yes for this one seems like a red herring. like right now its a friday night, i am dying to see her instead of making this post right now. i've had to diaassmeble my fone and hide various parts of the fone in my apartment so i wont call her. also i blocked her on msn hehe

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    What I find weird is that you're calling every day and then when she messages you, you don't return her message.

    You can't just suddenly play hard-to-get like that and expect her to play along. She probably thinks you're messing with her and is annoyed. You can't play it both ways.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by Tenmagnet View Post
    What I find weird is that you're calling every day and then when she messages you, you don't return her message.

    You can't just suddenly play hard-to-get like that and expect her to play along. She probably thinks you're messing with her and is annoyed. You can't play it both ways.
    i did not call her everyday. i've called her twice, to confirm our second date which was implied from our first date and subsequent texts. the only reason i stopped responding was because i was sick of some of my text being blantantly ignored (which i dont get) - because i say stuff like 'so dinner and movie on saturday ok'. so that coupled with the fact she knows i called and she doesnt respond gave me the s*hits and probably gave her the upper hand.
    the funny thing is i think she is messing with me


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