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  1. so far, 3 months in

    Hey all, within the past two months I've 2 dates, granted they were back to back, one wednesday and the other thursday. Both got successful k closses. But something went wrong. #1 my boys don't know that Im practicing my game this way, #2 girl A worked an odd schedule but never returned my calls, I took girl B out twice, and hung out w/her friends, all guys, cause she's new 2 hawaii, and one of her very best friends was more charasmatic then me. But I held my own, and considering how smart he is compared to me, I wasn't 2 far behind in the personality department. But she stopped talking 2 me out of the blue, maybe I took things 2 slow. I met her on a sunday, took her 2 a bbq that same night, and met her again on wednesday. If u guys need specific details on the interaction, please be specific with the questions. Haven't had any progress since, cause I've been going out solo for a while. I haven't been out gaming for about 3 weeks now. My day game suffers dramatically, cause I haven't approached. Plus, I don't know any wings that are on the same wavelength as me.

    Someone, help. Put ur 2 cents in and let me know what I'm doing wrong, and how to fix it. Thanks all.

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    well just try to get a hold and actually make contact with them set up a date and do work man dont hold back... i dunno why some guys go so slow and are afraid of success

  3. thanks, man, appreciate the advice, tried it, and they wouldn't pick up, so I'm just gonna charge it to the game

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    Sounds like both girls arn't interested. They probably were at first, but you did something too slowly, or incorrectly, and they bailed. It happens, man, don't beat yourself up. You definitely need to do daygame. It will put hair on your plums. Look up wings on the forum, and get out there. My best girls have come from daygame. Good Luck.

  5. thanks, day game is what I ultimately want to be my "thing" anywayz. I think ur right about day game giving me confidence, thus night game should be a sinch in comparison. Thus begins my expose for day game.

    Good lookin out man.


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