Getting her to send you nudie pics!!
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    Getting her to send you nudie pics!!

    How the hell do i get girls to send me naughty pics? I've got a friend who has this happen with literally almost every girl he meets. Any advice

  2. I'd love to hear that as well

  3. Most girls probably do not have nude pics... or at least most the girls I've known.
    I think you'd have to be very indirect...when you get to the point where they are comfortable enough joking about sexual things with you, they will soon be comfortable with sharing elicit photos... the other night I kept joking to a girl (we talked on messenger, rather than texting) about slightly risque topics very much humorously at first (gauging her reaction) and joked around about the how she might interact with me sexually...I then changed the topic to wanting to see some photos of her and (without me asking) she shared a photo of herself in lingerie. I did not ask for a nude photo... I'll try going a little bit further next time. I don't have the convo saved so I couldn't share it.

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    Listen fellas this is how you do it... First your frame must be so good for her to think ... Okay I'm gonna send a picture to this guy and hopefully he won't forward it to everyone.

    COMFORT is a big key...Most of the times a girl want a picture in return so be ready for that.....

    Also as well set the mood for to want to send the picture.

    I always like to make them feel all horny...and I'll be kinky while yet making them wet their pants...

    Try doing this at night when she is laying down or is completely bored....I also like to say to a girl if she questions to send it... "Oh I knew you weren't that rebellious!" then she'll go into a playful argument and then she'll send it to you!

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    i've actually had some success here even being an rAFC :/
    text/phone game was always me biggest strength

    I went from the angle of it not really being a big deal, like clik said work it in with some sexual teasing and come from the frame thats its just "there", nothing important but something that would make you happy
    "approach this from the idea that its for your entertainment and if she doesn't want to then she's just being boring and you have better things to do."
    hopefully she wants to please you and she'll send a pic of her "new underwear" or something, then move forward from there
    "eww, i dont like that top. take one without it and i'll compare"

    ^rebellious line is pure gold, i think i have to steal that one..

  6. What's the point in getting nude pictures? The real thing is oh so much easier to obtain and GASP. It's in 3D.

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    ^conquest thing i guess

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    Start with naughty texting and progress. It's an easy transition if she starts talking about clothes, which 99% of girls will do eventually anyway.

  9. Its usually pretty easy. If I've been talking to the girl for awhile and am well into comfort:
    Me: Hey whats up with ya?
    Her: Not much blah blah you?
    Me: Just being bored at work. Do you have any pics?
    Her: *sexy photo* sent

    I've never really had any problems with it unless they don't have a picture phone, then you're kinda fucked. If they send a crappy pic, call them out on it. Its good to have a pic to send in return also. I sent a pic of my junk to one of em, and needless to say, next time I saw her, it was GAME ON! A lot of it just depends on your social awareness. I wouldn't have sent that pic to just any bitch who sent me a nude pic, this chick sent me some REALLY sexy pics without me nagging her for it, so I had to reward her for it.

  10. Hey Gents..

    Quote Originally Posted by ZPike View Post
    How the hell do i get girls to send me naughty pics? I've got a friend who has this happen with literally almost every girl he meets. Any advice
    I wrote a thorough post in response to this question and it was relocated to online game. There is a method to this and it is worth figuring out. If you can get a girl to send you nude pics, you can bone her. Checkout out the post.


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