When a girl touches you...Tips
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    When a girl touches you...Tips

    I know you may have girlfriends who touch you all the time (a slug on the arm, hanging on to your elbow while you walk...etc) and this is something you can try on them for practice so you can see what happens and what reactions you get.

    (Credit for this goes the David D)

    If you are with a HB and she touches you on the arm or the leg, it's says a lot. I've known women who absolutely hate being touched or touching anyone, unless they feel very comfortable with them. So when it happens to you, understand that she feels comfortable enough with you to initiate a touch. Also, it usually indicates interests and that she wants you to reciprocate the behavior. I never touch first, but that's just me. It all depends on your style and how you approach.

    If and when the HB touches, say "Stop touching me" or "Don't touch me" or "Please don't touch me." Then turn away(looking away from her) with a shit-eating grin on your face, and make sure she sees it. You can kinda glance back at her. I have nice looking eyes and long lashes, so I blick a few times while I'm grinning (always gets me great results). I cannot stress how important the smile is. Without it, she'll think your a prick and then you've lost. And if its the right time, wipe off the spot she touched with your hand or a napkin if it's readily available, especially if you see an outraged look on her face. But always keep that grin.

    She just reached out to touch you and you neg-ed her for it. But this neg is a little more powerful than your standard banter neg. She was comfortable enough with you to touch you and maybe even want you to touch her in return, but instead you put her down and now you're having a laugh about it...you can see how powerful this can be.

    Now, you usually get only a few reactions from this and I'll go over the ones I've experienced in detail...

    1. She gets taken aback, a "OMG" look on her face, but notices my smile (The smile is the key). Then she lunges at me in a playful way. You can then do what you want from there (big brother, little sister routine; neg her some more; give her a big hug, maybe a kiss, then push her away and say "yuck, kewdies"...etc). Great place to be, very common reaction.

    2. She keeps touching you. This is where you want to be. Then you can employ all kinds of negs and banter because she is directly trying to qualify herself every time she touches you. And as long you don't ignore her, the both of you can have a great time. Great place to be, happens often.

    3. She stops touching you. She may either think that your serious or that she may be seeing through the routine. This happens sometimes, and its about as bad a place as you can be with this. But all isn't lost, remember, you've neg-ed her. That's still a positive for you. Work in another routine to recover the situation. This happens sometimes, but you have to understand that if she felt comfortable enough to touch you in first place, she probably doesn't want to lose you so quickly, so this one hopefully happen too much if you do it right.

    I hope you can test this out and see what happens. If it works or doesn't work, please post.

    Good luck gents...happy sarging

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    Nice post will try no. 1 espacially


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