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  1. What Would You Do ?: Super AMOG

    Ok i'll TRY to make this short and simple..i just want to know what you guys would have done in this situation

    I was studying with this girl that stays in the same dorm building as me. we are sitting in lounge chairs in the lobby..studying. my suitemate (guy who stays in the room next to mine) comes in the building and sees us there..this dude is just a natural AMOG.once he sees us he starts rapping some song real loud and dancing trying to get attention..and it works..Hbdorm has her eyes glued to him..i just played it cool because i didn't want to seem needy or jealous even though i was.

    he goes to his room. he comes back out 5 minutes or so later. AMOG comes out of his room walks over to where me and HbDorm sitting..and he says

    AMOG:"button this up for me baby"

    he extends his arm for her to button up his sleeve and she does
    then he turns so she can do the other one..he was testing me..to see what i was gonna do..

    i said the first thing that i could think of that wouldn't piss this guy off...this guy could whoop my ass easily(i shouldn't think like that..but its just a fact of the matter)..and i know for a fact that he has a gun and a short temper

    Flynn19: I think she likes you man!

    Hbdorm flashed me a nervous smile..and AMOG walked away not too long after that ( don't remember exactly)
    then I think hbdorm immediately brought something up about her being 20 and being old..it seemed really random ( am i missing something here ?)

    what would you guys have said/did if you were in my posistion?

    Remember this guy will whoop your ass and possibly shoot you if you try to confront him directly..one of my friends was hanging out with AMOG the other day at the mall and he started literally yelling that he always keeps his gun cocked.. just because a guy looked at him the wrong way..

  2. He didnt amog you and you are not her boyfriend. What were you doing, studying with her, if you liked her in the first place?

  3. Ok he's your suitemate and you don't seem like you guys are friends. You should really befriend him rather than try to outcompete him.

  4. I would have said, "What are you attempting to do? It's not working." You have to face it you need to be a little crazy to be a good pick up artist, test him. He has his bluff on you. He blew you out of your own set. I'm still a newbie but I've been studying the interactions. Learn from it now so it won't happen to you again.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Con View Post
    He didnt amog you and you are not her boyfriend. What were you doing, studying with her, if you liked her in the first place?
    well i know i have attraction..she was the one who asked me to study with her..so i was trying to up comfort points..is there something wrong with the way i'm going about it. if there is please do tell

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    Guys like that talk the talk, BUT cant walk the walk. If he talks
    about having his gun cocked and wanting to hurt someone, chances
    are he's bluffing. Me being short tempered myself, would try to push his
    buttons and get him to react. Chances are he'll be too SCARED to pull the
    trigger (somewhat of a Pun intended ). Now I'm NOT saying you should do
    that, but what I would do, since you asked.

    I guess you handled it okay, since you are somewhat scared of the guy. Those
    guys feed off of peoples words and reactions. IGNORING him is the best way to counter those types of Jackasses.
    If you react so will she, seem un-phased, and so will she.

    Hope this helps.

  7. When you said "I think she likes you dude" it basically showed her that you were afraid you were losing her and were desperately trying to show your masculinity. All you should have done was gotten up (yes, leaving her alone with him), went to the bathroom, then maybe to your room for like five minutes. This would clearly show you're not needy nor jealous. After the five minutes are up just casually come back and sit down next to her, make a quick joke with your suitemate, tell him you guys need to get back to studying, and turn away.

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    one thing most newbies don't take into account is that its not about dealing with something AFTER it goes wrong...its about dealing with the problem BEFORE it ever comes up. [ie if she didn't give you her number, theres little you can do afterwards to make her change her mind...your game up that moment wasn't strong enough]

    i've successfully closed girls with study dates.[not necessarily the same night though]

    when you go on a study date, GO TO THE LIBRARY.[or some place similar] its quiet, intimate, and there is nobody around that'll really bother you. it also creates the perfect environment that simulates isolation. it's easy to do covert physical escalation...and you'll actually get alot of studying done because the only interruptions that'll happen are the ones you purposely put in there. i like going off on a tangent and creating wild fantasies. like "hey you know what. i hate physics/chemistry/math. lets DROP OUT. right now. and join the circus. or maybe i'll drop off right now, and you can get a high paying job and be my sugar mama. sounds good? good. it's a deal. bye, i'll call you later."[said without even letting her respond haha and pretending to walk away at the end]

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    Short temper and needs to have a gun on him on campus? Looks for attention?

    The "too old" comment was his version of saying she wasn't his type.

    But he's not an AMOG, he's a danger to himself and to the people living there. Maybe he gives off the bad boy vibe but he's going about it the wrong way.

    Some guys like to be challenged and want to see if you're going to stick up for her. All in all, he doesn't like or dislike you. In his way, he was saying he could have your girl whenever he wants because he's a pimp.

    All you can do is play it cool and be nonreactive until he's a real threat. Not necc. ignore. That could be just as bad. Just be aware that your roommates and his friends might set him off or enable his bad behavior.

    The only mistake you made was DLVing her by basically saying "you can have her". If you tell her what kind of a nutcase he is, she'll probably understand, and prob. got the vibe that he's kind of crazy.

    But there's a big safety issue - after what happened at Virginia Tech, campus police don't play.

    A super AMOG on campus would be someone that's getting national attention and going into pro sports.

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