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    Ok i went out to meet a sargin buddy at a local bar.. they have dollar beer nite on Wednesday and usually a great place to PU.. I show up before my friend and the scene is dead.. no targets.. My buddy shows and soon after the place becomes normal.. sets everywhere.

    We get approached by a fatty and her friend while we were getting a gameplan on the situ.. Her friend is about 45 yrs old and an HB6-7 (we'll call her MILF).. Well, i like the older one's so we'll call her a 7... Me and my chum decide to use these two as practice.. So we run our canned openers that we discussed using earlier in the day and try to see how tight the game is tonight..

    Fatty leaves.. but MILF sticks around and wants to continue the convo.. She's drunken already and obviously horny out her mind..Then a very nice set comes to the bar beside us, hb7 and hb8.. immediatley open with good success, they wanna talk... turns out they were meeting another friend of ours and us there.. Anyways, me and my wing were working the new set and MILF all together.. introduced them and made friends...

    After many rounds of the dollar brews MILF wants to talk shit about anything controversial.. you name it, abortion, politics, religion, death penalty, etc.. so someone had to step in and veer her topics elsewhere, while the good set could be worked under normal conditions.. So I stepped up and took one for the team..

    I engaged her in sexual banter, knowing how drunk she was, all I really needed to do was change her emotional state towards a sexual nature and it was gonna be an easy old lady fuck fest at my place.. or so i thought..

    We decided to switch venues and on the way she rode with me.. i stepped up the kino, and even got her in comfort enough for a kiss in exchange for a cigarette.. Which happened to be my last cig.. So we bounced to the store across the street to get more smokes and she said she wanted me to take her home..

    ME:To your place??
    MILF: No to yours!!!

    So heading to my place (which is right down the road) she starts asking me where the best, craziest place i had ever fucked was.. Before my answer she says
    "I want to taste your cock."

    As im pulling into my driveway, leg twitching, bc MILF has been trained previously very well in the dynamic art of sucky-sucky, OMG, she pops up off my little buddy and says

    "OMG, What am i doing?? You are way too young for me"

    I try to ease her tensions and tell her how it's cool, and that i'm totally into older women, and she chills for a few min, and we go inside.. I show her where the bathroom is in the hallway and i go into my room, Frantically trying to straighten up the bed and make the place presentable while MILF is taking forever.. I hear her talking on the phone, and i just wait..

    Im spraying cologne and Febreeze in the air to try and cover up last nite's stench (another story) when i hear the bathroom door open.. then the front door open.. Didn't think much of it rather than her going for a puff to get hyped up.. But the more i waited to hear the door open back up.. I knew

    That bitch done called a taxi.. I heard the door shut and looked out the window and there that old bitch went... Now that's an LMR.. WTF

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    dayam son...nice try....i did hear her say she was ABOUT to get divorced...she may have freaked out thinking she could get busted for fucking you before everything's official


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