When a girl that sends you a text saying, "I'm bored entertain me"

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  1. When a girl that sends you a text saying, "I'm bored entertain me"

    Kind of a tough call. I just ignored it. I figure she's already attracted to me so there's no rush. Plus I don't want to go into entertaining monkey mode. Anyone ever had this happen?

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    happened to me a few times before, i didn't know what to reply either..
    i texted back saying 'what kind of entertainment we talking ?'

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    Ill text her back something like...

    Me: "Ok, What do you call a fish with no eyes?"
    HB: "I dont know, what?"
    Me: "Ffsshh! Ok now your turn to entertain me"

    Then do not break your frame of her entertaining you!

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    Id put: First remove your self from the pedestal... and fuck your own face.
    Im a total cunt with some of them, but then i dangle my "nice" feather...

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    Well come on over and we'll see what we can do.

  6. I'll say something like

    "Only boring people get bored "

    Depending on if you're still trying to attract/qualify the girl, this may or may not work.

    But I've had some great responses.

    "I am SO not boring!"
    "Are you saying that im boring?" (Well duh :P)

    HB:"Ok if im so boring what are you doing now?"
    SD:"Well if you must know, im sitting here in my ninja costume, ready to fight crime for the night and spring into action when needed!"

    I like putting the whole superhero frame into things, this one girl even came up with her own name, wanting to be my sidekick good times

  7. No thanks.

    If a girl is boring enough to ask me that, I'll ditch.


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    Depends on what you want to build.
    Attraction: "As an entertainer, SAG requires I charge $1500 per performance."
    DQing her: "Only boring people get bored." (as previously posted.)
    Pull her over for face to face: "The wine is chilled. The door's unlocked."

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    *Pulls up pants*

    Can't a guy get a little privacy?

    *Pulls down pants*

    Look out your window....

    That's a couple off the top of my head, right now...

    Kinda goofy and silly but still sexual and can lead the conversation to other shit.

    Comments like this apply to my personality, though. So if a girl texts me to "entertain" her, she's not ordering me around, it's probably because she knows I can put a smile on her face and we have fun interacting.
    "Sexuality is morally neutral! She cannot be held responsible for what makes her wet!"

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    I feel like when that happens you can lay it on the girl with "What did you have in mind?"... or one i feel like that could be funny is "I am a sucker for backrubs"


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