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  1. Hey guys...

    I'm a 37 year old pua. I've done lots of personal work, and can be quite deep, but at the same time like to have fun. Anyone around my age.. or even 10 years younger willing to wing? Peace..


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    New In Town: WestSide PUAs?

    Howdy boyz! Moved to LA from San Diego last month and am looking to hook up with experienced PUAs or just good students of the game. Am 40 y/o but have a young, confident vibe, look 35, and am not bad looking, so I usually target women in their late 20's to early 30's. Would like to find an experienced wing with similar qualities, high energy, positive attitude and looking to CLOSE on these bitches!

    Just settled into a gorgeous pad in MDR with a phenomenal 13th floor view--a built-in panty remover! I've studied all the major publications, including The Game, TMM, Magic Bullets, Routines Manual, Rules of The Game, and most of the major background books (i.e. The Art of Seduction, Hana, Alpha Male, Body Language, etc., etc., etc.). I'm proficient at openning, always AMOG AFCs, and regularly number or kiss close. Even full closed an Italian 7 last week on the first night! I LOVE LA!

    So I'm no PUA, but I do bring a very confident game and have spent lots of time in and out of the field developing my skills. If you're up for it, shoot me an email at cole92014@yahoo.com.

    Respec brovas!

  3. Anyone in the Sherman Oaks area or the SF Valley looking to sarge during the day hit me up


  4. Northeast LA

    Los Angeles area professional, 24 years old, just moved back to California after some time in the Midwest. New to the community but getting good results and enjoying the game. Usually go out in Pasadena. Interests include psychology, literature, music, and boxing.

    Looking for a wing to sarge with. If you're in my age range and intelligent, jot me a note and let's make this happen.


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    LA Area Meet Up

    Hey guys ... There have been quite a few guys showing interest in "winging" in the LA area. So why not try and get as many of us together as possible?

    This way we can all meet up, hangout and maybe find some cool wings for each other.

    What do you guys think? Maybe we could make it happen in the next few weeks.

  6. RanWhite,

    Having the group meetup is a solid idea. That way, besides meeting each other and and helping each other out, we could see who among us works well together, which would be more efficient than isolated pairs winging.

    Let's set a time and place and see who shows. I'm game to meet up Saturday evening, 5/3, for whoever's free. You have any suggestions for place? I like Old Town Pasadena, but I know that can be out of the way for the LA crowd.


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    Sarge LA, hollywood


    I live in the Los angeles area. I've been sarging lots with lots of different guys. Have got a lot of day 2s, a few lays under my belt. Pretty good at opening. Looking for someone better than me,

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    "Natural" SFV Guy Looking for Wings in LA/Hollywood/OC - Let's Do This!!!

    Whats up bros??!! I'm in Granada Hills, and usually hit up trendy spots in Hollywood, OC, Pasadena etc.. Anyways, I'm a "natural", so I've done super chill on my own. Don't get me wrong though, I'm super open minded to all routines, theories, methods etc. There's ALWAYS room for improvement from newbies to MPUA's!! So I'm sure we can exchange some beneficial info, trust that!

    ***keep in mind my definition of wingmen are those who aid each other in hooking up with the target, and back each other up in every situation and/or everyone including c-blockers, amogs (I love clowning amog(s)!! lol)etc....Loyalty, thats what I'm getting at bros!!

    Oh yeah, the basics: just have a cool vibe, good sense of humor and sense of style!!!!

    Let's rock this shit!!!

    Interested...Hit me up at:

  9. Meetup 5/3

    I've gotten a couple of PMs about a meetup for this weekend. I'm proposing Old Town Pasadena, 10pm on Saturday evening.

    We can meet in the magazine section at Barnes and Noble on Colorado Blvd, then once we have our crowd together walk down the street to start at Barney's Beanery, which is a large three-story bar for those who haven't been yet. As far as attire, I don't anticipate going to the clubs so nice-casual will fly.

    Anyone who's in, let me know. If we get even three or four of us together let's make this happen.

    V-Rok, I get this notice when I try to PM you:
    VAHZGEN has exceeded their stored private messages quota and can not accept further messages until they clear some space.

  10. Saturday

    I'm hearing mixed things from people about this-coming Saturday night, so I'm going to pre-empt the flakes I see coming and call off the official meet-up I posted about earlier.

    That said, I still plan on being in Old Town Pasadena with a wing, so if anyone wants to come out and join us, send me a PM so we can swap cell information and rendezvous.

    Wishing the LA crowd a fun weekend.



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