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    Feb 2006
    Hollywood, Baby!!!


    I'M IN FREAKIN' HOLLYWOOD!!! Anyone down?

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    Feb 2006
    Los Angeles, CA

    Sunset Blvd Sarging

    Hi Guys
    I am a 100% dedicated new student and would love to get together with other students and sarge hot girls on Sunset. Lets do Standard, Trachedra, and other places where we can use this technology to the fullest. Email me back and let me know when you want to PARTY!

  3. I'm game, too.
    Prefer the Sunset Strip (as it's closest to me), but will go wherever.
    PM for hookup

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    I am kind of new to this stuff, too! Although I been reading alot about it, I was kind of relying on my instincts so far...
    Anyway, I am moving back to LA this friday from Germany, so if any of you guys is interested in how we 'play' in Europe :-) and how to bring some 'exotic style' to your game, I am more than happy to help!
    Although I've been to LA a couple of times, I would really appreciate if some of you guys can show me the 'hot spots' of the city and talk about german beer, california girls and why the french don't shave... letme know!!
    Thanks and take it easy!

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    I will be out tonight in Hollywood....PM me if you are interested. Already have a somewhat full boat, but room for some more.

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    just moved

    yo playas...
    i just moved out to LA... gettin on the local scene. will be glad to go sarging with anyone so hit me up.

  7. New to LA

    Hey guys. Need some wingmen to sarge with. Always done well with girls but mostly when they showed interest first or when we met through friends.I really want to check out the scene here in LA and to really work on my game. My email is msun187@hotmail.com.

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    Going out in Hollywood tonight....

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    I'm brand new on the scene...reading The Game...and don't have the $$$ for any of those seminars. I don't drink anymore, and as I'm a student full-time (returned to school...writer/photographer) don't have a ton of money, pimped out ride or panty-dropping bachelor pad (just a little studio in K-Town). from you guys' experience, will this work for me in spite of all that? I tend to dig the artsy Latinas anyway, and they can be a little more forgiving. I'm 29 and good-looking and always did good in volume, but want to jump the quality up drastically. Take pity on a newcomer and gimme some advice!

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    LA is not sarged out. Hollywood is alive and well....just update your material. I will be going out again with some people from here late March, early April. PM me if interested.


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