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    Tomorrow night (Friday the 19th), a couple of us will be starting at the Saddle Ranch on Sunset at 9pm, feel free to drop by.

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    Planning to go out again in the near future?

    I noticed the message a little late. Anybody in LA planning another one of these any time soon?

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    Friday night was awesome! I met with Manipulator, his wing, Dionysus, and Ohio at a bar close to Vine and Sunset. They had already gone to the Saddle Ranch and I was a little late in order to obtain my *fake* ID from a friend and I ran a few sets where I had met him at a bar and was offered a few drinks from the bartenders...great way to start a night
    This guys are confident let me tell you that, and had an arragant, c&f style. THe first bar we went to, Manipulator had devised an opener for me to use (a variation of the *kissing is cheating*) and demonstrated how seated sets should be approached - that was our first winged set.
    Manipulator (to one of the guys): Hey let me get your opinion on something...see I think my friend here is crasy, he broke up with his girl a month ago because she had kissed another girl...what do you think?
    Guy: I think your crasy man...blah blah blah
    Me: Ya, my friends thinks I'm nuts but see, she wants a 3-way relationship in a deep way and I'm not down with that.
    Manipulator: You know what, do you know those girls? We need a females opinion. (the guy helped us get the girls attention (hb7-8s) and they were totaly into the topic)
    We asked them the question and got mixed opinions...we I then added some more bs that gave twists to the story and some changed their opinions...great smiles
    Then we ejected bkas the demonstration was over...
    I saw those guys run sets and flirted with the bartenders who seemed to flirt back.
    We headed to another bar bkas it was a cockfest down at that club...turned out this bar was also cockfested lol...
    Opened a few sets who gave a non-interested response then we opened another set of hb7s dancing with the same opener and they gave out their opinions and then I started dancing with this girl (forgot the name) and found out she's here on vacation from Nebraska. Talked to her for a bit then she mentiond to her friend to get a drink so I said lets go...I did the MM kino test but she did not hold so I kept going (damn).
    I asked her what do you want, then told her to get me one too . She replied with "no! you buy me one!"
    I replied back with "I dont buy girls drinks". She said "me too" so I told her "why not we buy our own" (I kept my posture).
    I AMOGed this guy behind me who was trying to get into my set.
    I said out loud "Dude, you just touched my ass! I dont roll like that. Why dont you touch hers instead or you know what...the gay section's over there." Then we completely ignored him.
    She met with her friend and we 3 talked and everything was fine...and then I did a little neg on my target..."You have very, very gorgious hair...like Lassie's."
    She got offended and left and so did her friend and gave me the body language and tone that says "dude she was liking you and you screwed it up."
    So lesson learned!! Don't neg when she's IOIing your ass!!!!!!
    We ran some more sets, moved to 2 more bars which was so cockfested. We ended opening a bunch of girls (UGs and AGs Yuck!) and just practiced routines.
    In conclusion...it was a great night, great learning experience, and I'm learning calibrationg. Manipulator gave great advice and has helped me with my approach anxiety and I should do way better next time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Manipulator
    Tomorrow night (Friday the 19th), a couple of us will be starting at the Saddle Ranch on Sunset at 9pm, feel free to drop by.

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    good spots to sarge in la?

    anyone wanna post their favorite spots to go sarging in la (hollywood area)? wanna do some NM type nights and would prefer somewhere a little off the beaten path so i'm not likely to run into a bunch of people i know while i am mercilessly trying to pick up every HB in the joint

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    I really want to start sarging every weekend fridays and saturdays, any PUAs up for it let me know at danrez123@yahoo.com

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    If anybody is up for sarging this saturday let me know at my e-mail above

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    looking for wingmen (san gabriel valley)

    Looking for a group of PUAs or to start a group who goes sarging every weekend together, e-mail me at danrez123@yahoo.com

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    HEy hey hey

    Whats going on guys. Live in San Fernando Valley and just am getting into the game. am 20 years old and I hope to go sarging a lot in this summer to the extreme since school is gonna be out . Hey and maybe I can hook up with somebody to go sarging for sometime huh!? In LA

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    Hey hey hey

    I am also looking to hang out with aspiring PUA's in the LA area to sarge on the weekends, especially for the summer. Ama go all out in rejections, embarassment, crying lol, to transition to p/u, seeing my mistakes and correcting, to PUA. Thank you. I live in the San Fernando Valley but I do Go to LA a lot!
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    Watsup PUA's I'm interested in meeting up w/ some PUA's . please send me a PM to go sarging.
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