Origins of AFCs...
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    Origins of AFCs...

    This was inspired by my answer to gunner's post and then i decided to make a new thread: This is the thread of gunner:

    Why do guys become AFCs in the first place? Thats a simple question really.

    Social and cultural programming. Espcially after world war 2 when women started working (or was it WW1?), they started gaining power and money and decided that even after the war they would keep it up. Men at that point had the power because that was the way of things, that is what was what happened before and they just followed it. You can say they had the cultural environment in their side back then and even if some where afcs that didnt matter much.

    But when women started gaining power and in conjuction with the feminist movement women started pushing their boundaries in expense of men. Men not being able to understand the magnitude of this movement didnt do much and even made laws that made women equal in many areas (cant remember when this happened for the first time, remember not long ago women werent allowed to vote).

    Women still increase in power but they didnt expect a crucial thing. While women push the boundaries of equality they forgot that their role is not the dominant one. Hence yes their logical brain does say that a man should treat her as an equal but her evolutionary programming (hence attraction) tells her that she doesnt want a man like that.

    In many new families the men dont raise boys to be men but to be the continuation in the anomaly describing in sperm wars and many other books. They teach em how to be providers. In other words how to be good husbands when the time is right. This is good if you wanna get married but it wont get you much girls for casual things. Even in marriage your woman is more likely to get the genes of a "player" so that her kid will have better chances in reproducing that the real father.

    So in a family where a woman has the upper hand without her knowing she raises her kid as an AFC while at the same time she pushes gently her daughter to wear mini skirts, have sex (protected), flirt with boys even cover for her. When the AFC provider husband tells her that his daughter looks like a slutsince the power has shifted to the woman she ignores him or even punishes him (you tell me i am a bad mother? lol) and makes him sleep in the couch etc.

    Something interesting I read elsewhere and I can relate for me and my wing and a mutual friend of ours is that if your father was a player when he was young there is a good chance you will become one also. While me and my wing's fathers were players my mutual friend (which we hang out a lot) his father wasnt a player. Result is that even if this was genes or how we grew up, we tended to be much better than our mutual friend with girls.

    So while women tried to achieve equality they also castrated most young boys in the process. You can see this every day. Women complaining that men arent men any more. Which is true as Dave Chappelle says. Chivalry is dead and women killed it. When you open a door and she either says I can do it by myself also or she just passes u like she is the princess and you are the slave men tend to stop doing things that arent appriciated. Some others also dont.

    For me AFCs and PUAs dont depend on the number of women they get really. It depends in the way of thinking and how they welcome change for the better and the quality of life and women they go after. So you can be someone that pick ups 5 women a day but they are dumb like bricks or they are ugly or you cant hold a convo more than 3 minutes or you dont introduce her to your friends or collegues because you are ashamed she ll embaress you you can hardly be called a PUA.

    On the other hand you can have 0 game but you did find the one woman that she is perfect in every sense and you realize that your role is the dominant one and she is lucky to have you (and you can keep her ofcourse) for me you are a PUA. Its not a matter of quantity anymore but a matter of quality. Dont forget this is the difference between Casanova and Don Juan.

    So even though we do know now the origins of the AFCs a question remains. Can all AFCs become PUAs? Obviously you cant force anyone, and obviously some start learning these stuff but never reach a good point in pick up. So what makes some AFCs come out of their shell and become successful and what makes others never begin or finish the journey? This is something I ll discuss in another topic.

    If you want bibliography about my post let me know

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    Great Post, I agree wholeheartedily. As for your last question, I dont think all of AFCs can become PUAs. Even to become mildly competent at pick-up, one has to be open-minded, and possess basic common sense. Some men though, have watched too many Hollywood romance movies, and have had that bad programming their whole life and, hence, will always be close-minded. These man will never be PUAs.

    For instance, over the Summer, one of my co-workers asked me just how I was able to attract so many girls. When I tried to explain it to him, he refused to open his mind to these new ideas. It didn't help the fact that his age (36) made it all but possible to learn something new. After all, you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

    From the beginning of your life, you are bombarded with feminist bullshit of how to treat women and you think thats the only way, but the majority of PUAs found the community in their early 20s (estimate). For them, It would be easier to change their lifes than a man whose in his 30s or 40s, who have had a set way of thinking for all of that time.

    All in all, bang up post


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