FIELD TESTED Online Openers that work
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    FIELD TESTED Online Openers that work

    I've been doing some online gaming and have pulled some openers off this site. Some have worked well while others...not so much. Anyways, I'm sure I'm not the only one looking through post after post trying to find nuggets of online gold so I figured I'd create this. Here's the structure:

    1) Field Tested Success Rate: (remember to even post here the opener should have a decent success rate, hopefully 40% or more, AND MUST BE FIELD TESTED)
    2) Where to use: (dating site, Facebook/Myspace, IM, etc.)
    3) Who's responding: UGs, Bs, HBs, SHBs (feel free to include # rating 1-10)
    4) Opener: (ahhh what we've all been waiting for...)

    I'll start...
    1) Field Tested Success Rate: I would say 40%-50% respond.
    2) Where to use: Dating sites
    3) Who's responding: Bs - HB8s
    4) Opener: I copy and paste a line from their profile talking about what they want in a guy. Usually something like "I want a guy who's sincere, goal-oriented, will still love me after I'm fat and have popped out some kids..." I just paste this in the subject line and in the body of the email w/ quotes (of course not all will fit in the subject so just cut it where it makes sense). Then underneath that I put "Having any luck finding him on this site?"

    They usually respond with "nope not yet" or something similar. Then you reply back w/:

    "Well stop scaring them all away! Well I'm guessing it might be hard to meet a cool guy here amongst all the "Hey Sexys" lol. BUT say Mr Right did pop in to your inbox...what would you say are the 3 main things about you that would ensure you would win him over? ;0)

    Being such a ____________ (fill in the blank here with something specific about the chick, I usually use "freespirit" or something like that) you've got to have some good ones..."

    If they bite, you're getting warm because they'll start to qualify themselves to you. Some girls even respond with answers like "No way he'll have to win me over blah blah blah!" Funny thing is I'll either neg them or just not respond and they usually come back.

    I can't take credit for this opener as I grabbed it from this site but modified it a bit. It seems to be one of the better ones I've used so far. So please post your best ones and remember THEY MUST BE FIELD TESTED!

  2. hmm not bad you went indirect sucessfully without using any negs. Some real creativity u got there.

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    openers online

    1. 50% respond. HB 8-9's. Dating sites.

    The open changes. The key is finding something on her profile and then making a future projection of the two of you doing it together in a fun way.

    "I was just checking out your profile and I felt that I had to say hello. I too love to party. Do you ever come down to the beach?

    We should go to New York and tell everyone you are Paris Hilton and get our asses kissed all night. You be Paris and I'll be.....Johnny Depp. We'll be followed by paparazzi, and we'll party our faces off. It'll be great :-) "

    2. 40 -50%, HB 7-8's. Dating sites.

    Direct nice guy opener.

    "I was just checking out your profile and I just had to say hi. I'd think I'd really like to get to know you better. It's hard finding a high quality girl sometimes, just as hard as finding a high quality guy i guess. I really enjoy that feeling that you get sometimes when you get excited about someone, you know, right in the beginning, after you have hung out a few times.

    Anyway, I believe strongly in balance. I work hard, play hard and relax often. I think you have to try, meet lots of people, make (and keep) great friends, and always radiate a positive attitude. It's really the key to health and happiness.

    Well, I really hope to hear back from you soon.

    ~Joshua "

    3. 75%, HB 9-10, dating sites

    "Wow you are incredibly cute! BUT you look like one of those girls that puts up a hot picture just so you can get 50 compliments a day from creepy horny jerks.....that's just sad. Well, if you're real....hit me back. ;-) "


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    ?? Only 3 online openers here?? Anyone got any more. I tried the search function "online openers dating" not much comes up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Changeling View Post
    ?? Only 3 online openers here?? Anyone got any more. I tried the search function "online openers dating" not much comes up.
    Just scan the stickied threads at the top of the subforum and scan the thread titles within this subforum. There is a TON of material here.
    When I am writing in red, it's as an Attraction Forums Admin. When I write in normal text, it's just me.

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    Please use the search function.

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    I cant remember where I got it but "Is that your real hair or a wig?" works charms....the hotter they are the more inclined they are to be like "wtf yes" then go into a opinion opener and close with messenger or cell phone

  7. I've been playing with a lot of different openers. I also, have revamped my profile with different approaches and different pics. I am pretty happy with my new profile and get a few women opening me every week. I am still not crazy with any particular opener ive stolen on here.

    One ive used a lot and is stolen straight from here is something like "I know we don't know each other but" (as subject heading) and in the body of the email is "but I think we should break up"

    If we ask VERY NICELY maybe MungoJerry or Deadeye Dick will throw us a fricking bone and toss us a freebie on here. Both have had some monster opener's I've stolen.

    I've come to the conclusion though that random openers are stronger than the whole "i read you profile and ___" opener. The reason being there are just too many millions of AFCs who are opening with some variation of "hi sexy".

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    One good class of openers is 'DHV opinion openers'. Openers that tell a DHV story then ask an interesting related question for her to engage with.

    Keep in mind that you'll need to express some interest in the next message - because this approach is super indirect.

    I've posted this one before. It works pretty well for younger girls 18 - 22

    "Hey miss [positive/active/outgoing/Liverpool fan]. I need your professional opinion on something...

    I'm organizing a party for a friend of mine who's just turning 21. I've known her for ages and she's almost like my adopted little sister.

    She wants a costume party but she can't decide on a theme. Any ideas?"

  9. Thanks Mungo..I stole that one from you and it has opened more than once for me.

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    I cannot belive that someone would put this opener up here for you guys to use on an online dating site. You wanna get shot down hard? If so then use this lame opener. You dont insult someone like that right from the start sounding like a jerk. If you dont beleive me then go ahead and give it a shot. Negging someone on an opener on a online dating site is completely different then ngging someone out at a club or bar. When you neg at a bar you can still do it in a playful matter. A girl has really no way to percieve the way your trying to say it online because they are reading. Ever sent messages to someone on text and they percieve it the wrong way but thats not really the vibe you were trying to give? Enough said

    "Wow you are incredibly cute! BUT you look like one of those girls that puts up a hot picture just so you can get 50 compliments a day from creepy horny jerks.....that's just sad. Well, if you're real....hit me back. ;-) "

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