FR: She just stripped down naked in front of us!
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  1. FR: She just stripped down naked in front of us!

    I haven't been on the boards in a while, and it's interesting to be reading again.

    So...interesting night I had last night.

    I had a full day of rehearsals and a concert, and had been texting friends to go see "The Wrestler" after I was done. So I perform, the crowd loves it, and I ditch. Mike calls me and tells me that he's with everyone and a few girls (one of which he notes is very attractive) and they're about to go see "Paul Blart: Mall Cop." Okay, so I had to lower my film standards a bit but I wanted to hang with everyone and meet this girl.

    I walk into the theater and high five/hug/fist bump everyone and Mike introduces me to the attractive singer I'll call "Katie". She wants to shake my hand. Ugh. I tell her I don't shake, but I fist bump, and that she can have a lap hug. I sit down on her lap and we hug blah blah and I playfully tell her that I should go sit down before we get too carried away.

    Anyway the movie sucked and we drop one of my friends, who had been escalating on Katie. They both walk into his house. She comes back to the car a few minutes later and we don't ask questions.

    We went to my gay friends house to drink his mom's Sangria and hang out. (I'ts like 1:30 am at this point) It's me, three other guys (one of whom is gay) and Katie. We start joking (even though its actually true) that our friend we dropped off had never kissed a girl and katie starts laughing and covering her face.

    I'm like "Hah I think Katie was his first kiss" and she nods and keeps laughing.

    We drink some more sangria, and I don't know how it happened, but I looked up and my gay friend is naked in his closet and Katie is in the process of stripping naked. She had an incredible body, and seemed to be wildly uncomfortable, pretending to text while she covers her boobs. She hangs out like that for a few minutes and then put her clothes back on. It was definitely slightly weird, but I admired her for not giving too much of a shit.

    Later she's sitting in between my friend and I and we're watching "Jizz in my pants" on his iPhone. He's got his arm around her. However, this whole time she keeps finding excuses to say that she likes me or to move closer to me. Like, I mentioned that I had never smoked anything and she kissed me, (go figure) and I said I was half Cuban and she's like "I love Latino guys!".

    But Mike is kinoing her and made out with her briefly. I can tell she doesn't really want to though, and she begins declining his advances while looking at me. I can feel a bit of sexual tension.

    I've been laying back and playing it cool because I don't want to be like Mike whose kino is starting to make her uncomfortable. Mike is a really cool guy, and we've been friends since middle school, but his game is hit or miss, and its missing this girl.

    So after Katie finds some other excuse to get close to me, she and I are making out and she has her shirt and bra off. Was fun.

    Mike has to go, and later Katie offers to walk me home (neither of us has a car). Thats pretty much an open invitation for sex.

    We talk about stuff and hold hands on the way to my house.

    "Oh are you going to show me your house?"
    "Yeah, but I'll have to kick you out after a bit. I have to get up early tomorrow." (credit David D)

    I tell her to take her shoes off so she won't wake up my parents or brothers. (It's like 2:30 at this point)

    We go and talk about eachother on my bed. We're both musicians and share a lot of mutual friends. She said she liked how confident I was, and how I just sat on her lap before I even knew who she was. Some other comfort building fluff and we're making out.

    She pulls away and says she feels weird that I'm the third guy she's made out with tonight and that she got naked twice in front of a bunch of guys.

    I'm totally chill about it, and the whole night I had been setting the frame that my friends and I are a totally non-judgmental, trusting environment.

    I say "So don't get me wrong, I'm totally trying to get in your pants"

    She interjects "Hah yeah I know" "...but it's high school. Just be who you want to be and don't worry about what other people think." (Some version of one of Sinn's lines)

    She giggles and tells me not tonight. At this point I was unsure whether I should plow with "We'll see, I'm very charming" or to just let it go and not get her to do something she will regret. I actually like this girl a lot, and I go with the latter.

    She's supposed to go spend the night with my gay friend, and he calls wondering where she is. We make out some more, and I give her a ride back to his house. We exchange numbers, I make it clear that I'm interested in her and that I want to see her again. She gets out and I drive home. I get in bed and text her "You're totally evil. I'm trying to sleep but my room smells like you =P." I fall asleep before she responds.

    Overall I think the night went well. I shouldn't have brought up if she felt weird about getting naked. I think that triggered the "not sleeping with anyone tonight" thing.

    Mistakes I made:
    1. Shouldn't have brought her to my bedroom right away.
    2. Shouldn't have brought up the nakedness again.

    I was trying not to wake anyone up, otherwise I would have put on a movie or watched youtube videos with her.

    I plan to see this girl again

    Any thoughts?


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    Yeah dude don't call out one of your friends for never kissing a girl.

    Other than that she likes you. Just stick with what you have been doing and you are probably right about mistake #1 & #2

  3. I got out of rehearsal at midnight last night and I call Katie and she says all of my friends are over at her house, and I'm like "Cool we should all hang". She says no because she's about to kick them out at 1am and she has to go to bed. Then she gives the phone to one of my friends and he puts on some weird racecar sound effect. I hang up.

    I texted her a little bit ago with "Hey dork =P. Miss me?"
    She says "Oh yea u no"

    Me:"Nice. Have you ever seen Hot Shots? It's like the best movie to blow off a Paradise Lost paper with."

    She doesn't respond.

    I think she may feel uncomfortable with the circumstances under which we first hung out, but it may all be in my head, cuz she was with my friends who were there when she stripped before.

    I'll keep this updated.


  4. I think she's having issues of feeling used the other night

    I text her: "Hey so if you still feel weird I get it, but I meant what I said. Girls like you are rare"

    She responds: "Why am I special again?"

    What should I do here?

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    She responds: "Why am I special again?"

    you: "well because out of all the katies i know, i'm starting to think you may be my favourite."
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