How many missed kiss opportunities is too much?
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  1. How many missed kiss opportunities is too much?

    I know the PUA answer is one (or maybe zero, you kiss when you want to) but fact is all my first kisses have happened while i was drunk so this is the first time i'm trying to kiss a girl while sober.

    I've missed several chances so i'm just wondering when is it too many? after 3times? after 3 dates?

    and if a girl asks if youre in a relationship/met anyone hot recently/thinking of being in a relationship with anyone/open to the idea of a relationship does it mean game on or LJBF?


  2. Hey, listen. lol generally one missed opportunity is enough for missing a kiss-close. You need to pay attention to see if shes ready and what IOI she gives you. Now for all the make outs that you did while you were drunk, well. You ever hear the phrase"Liquid Confidence"? Well thats it. When you drink you have the tendency to do something that you wouldn't normally do when your sober. So, that being. Don't be scared to kiss a girl when your sober. There many ways to kiss-close a girl, be clever.

    Now for you 2nd question. It's game on, a girl isn't going to ask you those questions if shes not interested. Its like her assuming that you have a "girlfriend" when you didn't even come close to saying you had one. For example, you say something, or do something and she says "Oh god! What do you think your girlfriend would do if she found out you did that"! The reason why a girl would do that is to see if you actually have a girlfriend without doing a direct approach about it.

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    About the kissing.
    Most PUA's will say that you should grab the first opportunity or even make the first opportunity appear. And I agree. Although your first oportunity might not be a favorable one. You dont want to make the girl uncomfortable by kissing infront of 200 people from her extended family if you havent build atleast some amount of comfort. But in general I agree that you should grab the first opportunity that comes your way.

    A girl asking about your GF is a IoI in almost any environment.
    Would you ask a stranger your not interested in if she had a BF? I wouldnt.
    What if you were? I would want to know but I wouldnt ask unless its about time I need to show some IoI myself.
    I found that thats a great way to measure if something is an IoI or an IoD. Anytime you doubt a signal ask yourself these questions:
    1. Would I do that if I was interested in her?
    2. Would I do that if I were not interested in her?
    Once youve turned those 2 questions in your head almost every signal becomes obvious.

  4. hey guys! thanks for the responses, really appreciated. I kinda entered the evening with an aim to kiss her using the questions game but when she asked bout whether i'd met anyone hot recently/was interested in being in a relationship i psycho analysed whether it was an IOI or an IOD in my (regrettably sober) mind till i shot myself in the foot with a bazooka.

    for the record, i only ask bout a bf when i'm not interested in a girl to make sure she doesnt become a stalker. if she doesn't i start heavily dqing myself.

    will keep you guys updated, thanks once again! =)


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