Wtf does this mean? (HB's text game response.)
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  1. Wtf does this mean? (HB's text game response.)

    Me: Guess what!

    Her: What?

    Me: You're doing it wrong. I said guess.

    Her: Lol, [favor involving college]?

    Me: You depend on me for everything.

    Her: Lol so i was right?

    Me: Nah, I only do that for cool people. But you're still my favorite Shelby. [name of HB]
    Me: Well at least top 5.

    Her: Awww... Thanks.
    Her: ... Lol never mind than.

    Me: You're getting close though!

    Her: Close to what? Guessing the right answer?

    Me: Being one of my top 5 shelbys, but there's a lot of competition. [jealousy line]

    Her: Oh yeah? Well i'm sure you'll do what makes you happy. That's all i care about.

    ,,,I thought I was good so far, but what does that mean? What should I say now?

    Comments/critique/feedback requested.

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    So continue bantering with her.

    You're doing fine.

  3. Say something like "though that was the most possible cliché thing you could say...I'll give you an B+... for your effort to impress me...but it's not going to be that easy....lets see what..could you you have any cool/hidden talents?" or "...did you just hear that in a movie/read that in a book and copy it word for word...I was trying to have a serious...meaningful convo and your just copying and pasting lines from movies!" damn I'm good. Anything to this effect sounds good to me. If your clever you can turn that B+ for effort into something school related lateron in your convo and say how you can 'tutor' her to raise that grade...but you don't needmuch cleverness now that I explained it all for you...damn..look learn how to fish brother!!!! She said something nice just reply normally don't ask help when she says something neutral/nice it's sort of pointless is my opinion. Aight have fun switch it up all you want I just came up withit anyways..

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    you shouldn't reply after:

    Her: ... Lol never mind than.

    That's a great ending... you were afraid of losing her so you started to show interest and said a stupid thing..

    Me: You're getting close though!

    It happens to me sometimes, too.. hate it lol
    Then she asks you... "close to what? guessing the right answer?"
    That's an indicator she wanna talk about the answer of your guessing game, and not about your relations with her... and you didn't catch it.. you wanted to make sure she's getting your last line. At that point you should have said : "yes" \ "yes, what did you think?"

    She asked you "close to what? guessing the right answer?" for a reason!!! she wasn't sure of the meaning, and that's attractive!!! the fact that she asked "close to what?" points that she knows exactly what you've meant. Believe me.
    She was testing you...


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