Guide to building muscle and being lean. Went from 135lbs to 185lbs
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    Guide to building muscle and being lean. Went from 135lbs to 185lbs

    Hey guys so i want to express to you guys the importance of proper dieting and eating and building muscle

    So in january 2007 when i decided to start working out i didn't know a clue at all with working out. I want to explain to you guys that it doesnt' take alot of time or knowledge to become intelligent with understanding the muscle and muscle mass.

    I first consulted with GNC and a friend of mine who graduated with a masters in kinesiology and nutrition

    The first order of business for anyone is to determine the goals they want and to keep a journal from day one. A journal helps to see your improvements infront of you on a daily basis to boost the confidence and motvation

    Another point to add listening to music has helped men lift up to 5% better. mens health is the source august 2007 edition

    Okay so in january i started this workout Ten Week Mass Building

    I started to eat a banana and glass of 500ml of chocolate milk after every workout. This was from a certified health expert[]=bench&R1[]=10,8,8,6&S1[]=4&E1[]=incline&R1[]=8,8,6&S1[]=3&E1[]=decline&R1[]=8,8,6&S1[]=3&E1[]=flys&R1[]=8&S1[]=2&E1[]=pullovers&R1[]=10&S1[]=2&E1[]=tricep+pushdowns&R1[]=10,8,8,6&S1[]=4&E1[]=weighted+dips&R1[]=10&S1[]=3&E1[]=bench+dips&R1[]=10,10,8&S1[]=3&sy1[]=Monday&E2[]=chin+ups&R2[]=8&S2[]=2&E2[]=one+arm+rows&R2[]=8&S2[]=3&E2[]=wide+grip+seated+rows&R2[]=8&S2[]=2&E2[]=close+grip+seated+rows&R2[]=8&S2[]=2&E2[]=pulldowns&R2[]=10,10,8&S2[]=3&E2[]=barbell+curls&R2[]=8,8,6&S2[]=3&E2[]=ez+bar+preacher+curls&R2[]=8,8,6&S2[]=3&E2[]=incline+curls&R2[]=14&S2[]=2&E2[]=concentration+curls&R2[]=10&S2[]=2&sy2[]=Tuesday&E3[]=front+machine+press&R3[]=10&S3[]=3&E3[]=incline+rear+laterals&R3[]=10&S3[]=3&E3[]=arnold+presses&R3[]=10&S3[]=4&E3[]=lying+side+laterals&R3[]=10&S3[]=2&E3[]=shrugs&R3[]=10,8&S3[]=2&E3[]=upright+rows&R3[]=10&S3[]=2&E3[]=front+wrist+curl&R3[]=10&S3[]=4&E3[]=back+wrist+curl&R3[]=10&S3[]=4&sy3[]=Wednesday&E4[]=squats&R4[]=8&S4[]=3&E4[]=leg+ext&R4[]=8&S4[]=3&E4[]=leg+curls&R4[]=8&S4[]=3&E4[]=one+leg+calf+rasies&R4[]=10&S4[]=2&E4[]=calf+rasies&R4[]=10&S4[]=2&sy4[]=Thursday&exercount=30&s2r

    I rotated with this workout till march 13th, 2007 and started to see excellent gains. My bench was jan 2nd (110lbs 10 reps) march 13 (145lbs 10 reps)

    Now the most gains will be seen within the first 3 months of working out because your body is getting use to it

    I then moved to a 6 week strength building[]=Bench+Press&R1[]=10-5-5-5-5-5-5&S1[]=7&E1[]=Incline+Dumbell+Press&R1[]=10-10-10&S1[]=3&E1[]=Incline+Machine+Press&R1[]=Max&S1[]=3&E1[]=Barbell+Curls&R1[]=10&S1[]=2&E1[]=Seated+Dumbell+Curls&R1[]=Max&S1[]=3&sy1[]=Monday&E2[]=Smith+Machine+Squats&R2[]=10-5-5-5&S2[]=4&E2[]=Hack+Squats&R2[]=10&S2[]=3&E2[]=Leg+Extensions&R2[]=10&S2[]=3&E2[]=Standing+Calf+Raises&R2[]=15&S2[]=3&E2[]=Seated+Calf+Raises&R2[]=15&S2[]=3&sy2[]=Tuesday&E3[]=Seated+Weighted+Crunches&R3[]=20&S3[]=2&E3[]=Kneeling+Weighted+Rope+Crunches&R3[]=20&S3[]=2&E3[]=Hanging+Leg+Raises&R3[]=20&S3[]=2&E3[]=Decline+Situps&R3[]=20&S3[]=2&E3[]=Crunches+&R3[]=20&S3[]=2&E3[]=Side+Crunches&R3[]=20&S3[]=2&E3[]=Barbell+Shrugs&R3[]=10&S3[]=6&sy3[]=Wednesday&E4[]=Military+Presses&R4[]=5-5-5-5-max-max&S4[]=6&E4[]=Dumbell+Presses&R4[]=max&S4[]=3&E4[]=Lateral+Raises&R4[]=Max&S4[]=3&E4[]=Bent+Over+Lateral+Raises&R4[]=Max&S4[]=3&E4[]=Cable+Overhead+Extensions&R4[]=10&S4[]=3&E4[]=Cable+Pushdowns&R4[]=10&S4[]=3&sy4[]=Thursday&E5[]=One+Arm+Dumbell+Rows&R5[]=10&S5[]=3&E5[]=T-Bar+Rows&R5[]=10&S5[]=3&E5[]=Lat+Pulldowns&R5[]=10&S5[]=3&E5[]=Seated+Leg+Curls&R5[]=10&S5[]=3&E5[]=Hyperextensions&R5[]=15&S5[]=3&sy5[]=Friday&exercount=28&s2r=

    This workout is amazing i was able to see my weight gain from 135lbs to 145 within april 30th 2007. Now i was taking measurements too my

    chest Jan 32inches may - 34
    biceps jan - 13 may - 13.45
    waist 29 then to 31

    So i was noticably getting bigger also my neck changed from a 14.5 to a 15.25

    Now the supplements i started taking were Quickmass builder from january 2nd to feb 23rd. I then started to take a month break and moved onto pvl mutant mass for 2 months. I started to see the most gains.

    I then took one glass of protein from may 1st 2007 to july 31st 2008.
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    can you give us more info on your diet (cuz I see you put a lot of emphazis at the start..but then kinda fade out)


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