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  1. G Spot Sex Positions

    Ok, so I recently entered into this LTR with a girl ive known since my freshman year of college, and we have a great sex life. We really held out as long as we could and built up so much tension. The only thing is that she has never had a g spot orgasm....ever. She can only cum through clitoral stimulation (which I have become a GOD at because she loves it so much )... but I want to be able to return the favor when we are actually having sex... You guys (or girls) have any recommended sex positions that really hit the g spot hard? The best I can come up with right now are doggy style and its variations and me on top with her legs on my shoulders. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated...thanks!

  2. i think girl on top while she leans back a bit would hit the g spot

  3. It sounds like you're trying to give her a vaginal orgasm by trying to hit it in the G-spot. If so, there are more effective ways of doing it.

    Google a search for "deep spot" technique, and that'll make her go off pretty hard. Next time, get her close with the same technique -- and switch it up with your tool, you shouldn't have to worry about position thereafter.

    Mental techniques in sex only makes these physical techniques better. I'm not going to impose these techniques on you -- in my experience, position + stimulation don't matter if you get the mental block out of the way out of the orgasm.

    If you're going to ignore more effective techniques that are out there; and just try to work with your tool, you'll have a lesser chance of success with orgasm.... When you get the vaginal orgasm working, and still want to try for some good G-spot positions...
    I would suggest(in my taste these have been good, though any rear-entry position should suffice if you get the orgasm working, and anchored to you in the first place.):
    Reverse Cowgirl
    Standing doggy style


  4. This one is a surprise, but some chicks have done it to/with me in the last couple of years. Have her lay on top of you, nobody's legs spread, so you're literally parallel. In that position, your dickhead won't be that deep, which is perfect for hitting the spot. Let her do little thrusts and clenches. You can time little thrusts too. It'll drive her wild, and feel pretty hot to you too if she's a kegel girl.

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