"I don't chase......I replace."

It's been a while since I've shared any of the wisdom imparted on by one of my friends and mentors from college I call The Godfather.

I remember one time we were talking with one of our friends who was being a complete pussy around this girl he wanted. Our buddy was calling her all the time, texting her all the time, and would drop anything he was doing to hang out with her if she called him. It was fucking disgusting!

My friend was talking to me and the Godfather and kept rambling on and on about how she treated him like shit and how frustrated he was. He kept asking us for strategies and bullshit tactics for how he could get her to come around.

He went on and on and The Godfather just stared at him and said nothing the entire conversation. Finally our friend who was being a pussy looked at the Godfather and said:

Weak Sauce: "Hey man, what would you do if you were in my situation?"

The Godfather: "I don't chase man, I replace."

Even though my friend was hurting, I couldn't help but laugh. The Godfather wasn't trying to be rude, it was just a glimpse into his inner game and how his mind operates. Our friend was coming from a really weak place mentally. He had no other girls (which is no big deal) but even worse, he believed he couldn't get another one. Every girl that comes along, he would develop a mini crush on and get messed up inside.

If he would come from a place of abundance (either through actually dating a lot of women) or simply by accepting and believing that there are always plenty more, he would never feel much turmoil over a girl that was giving him the runaround. Strangely this shift in mindset would have been the exact recipe to get the girl to stop being so distant.

In no way am I saying you shouldn't pursue a woman or give up on a girl who is giving you the run around (if you have ever taken Social Circle Mastery with Samurai and I then you know we have an entire model for running slow burn game) but, the underlying theme is always that of abundance. It's ok to "want" a girl, but the second you "need" her you are fucked. This abundance mentality should never end. If you ever lost a woman during a relationship it is likely because you started to "need" her instead of "want" her. STOP BEING A PUSSY!!!! As Wayne Dyer says, "You need water, air, and food....you don't need any individuals love or approval."

So start internalizing the mentality,

"I don't chase, I fucking replace."

-Braddock over and out