Question re a flake

Afternoon all,

New to the forum, fairly new to The Game.

About a week ago I met a girl at a friend's 20th Birthday (house party). We chatted and I gamed her a little bit. I wasn't really intending to pick up that night, I was just letting my hair down with mates, and as a result I was pretty drunk, as was she. We kissed a couple of times and then loads of us crashed out in his sitting room and she fell asleep next to me.

A day later I sent her an inbox message on facebook, which I thought was pretty solid, flirty and fun. No response.

There's a couple of reasons why she wouldn't have messaged back. She told me she had a 'kinda' boyfriend and to be honest I have kissed a couple of girls in the past who she turned out to know quite well which probably isn't ideal. Or, perhaps she just genuinely isn't that interested.

The last few months have been pretty successful and I've got a few options (7's and 8's) on the go so normally I'd be pretty apathetic to this particular situation and I'd move on. But this girl was extremely good looking, probably a very solid nine bordering on a ten if you are inclined to rate her. I don't want to just let it go.

We generally have different social circles and I'm not likely to bump into her for months and months.

I have her mobile number though.

Where do I go from here ?