Good girls, good music, good night.

Right now, my confidence is pretty high. Why? My first night of proper sarging, and I was really in the mood. Sure I wasn't opening sets as well as I'd hoped, or sticking round long enough with a set, but despite these shortcomings I must have been doing something right. I had girls smiling, some even opened me, and to top it off an HB 7.5 I'd briefly met before tried to kiss me. Great ... or maybe not... as I'd heard earlier on one of my mates kinda had something going with I had to turn my cheek on her. Still, I think I did the right thing.

Just got one question - I found myself not sticking around in sets long enough, and not initiating a move on any of them, even though I felt I probably could have. Any ideas on how I can stick with the one set instead of running off into another, and giving myself enough confidence to escalate up to a kiss close? I think that's my main sticking point really - not enough confidence to close.