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    First Practice

    With the guys I hang out with lately, I feel the ability to go out to actually practice pick-up.

    Me and a bud are sick of staying in this rathole town, so we're getting troops to do boy stuff at the mall; lots of people go there of all types, not just rednecks and slutty high schoolers. Meanwhile, I want to practice because I've never really practiced!

    I don't want a girlfriend, just gooood attention from women right now. Lord knows I don't need a relationship, but I know I'd like some female attention, so Imma try spitting at the mall (and later slip into a dry martini haha) with the boys.

    With that said, what would ya'll like me to do, try and accomplish tomorrow?

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    Maybe open 10 girls and get 2 phone numbers? Something like that. Or get one instant date.

  3. I'm also planning a sarge at the mall when I get back, it'll be a dual purpose thing where I get some new clothes and get some practice. I think a good idea would just be to work on approaches, throw in some FTCs to make it easy to bail and if I get a good response bounce her to some of the stores to get a female opinion on the clothes I'm going to buy. Thats my plan anyway, you might be able to use parts of it. Any advice/feedback on it would also be welcome from anyone.


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