Wake Up Oslo/London
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    Wake Up Oslo/London

    Yo Oslo it's time to wake up. I'm new in the "game". Did my bootcamp with LS a few weeks ago and I look at this to be a fun and great experience. And off course a lot of beautiful and interesting women. I'm for the moment in London and will do regularly visits this coming year. When I'm in London I'm based in Kentish town and have easy accessibility to the city.

    I'm 26 years old and swedish. Living in Oslo for the moment. I will stay here at least a few months in 2009.

    mail or just send me text.


    Norwegian no: +47 968 521 56
    Uk no: +44 759 927 48 78

  2. hey man,

    I just sent you an email, but that address did not work. Anyway, My name is Jay. I am going to be in London from Jan 7th to June 12 in 2009. I will go to bars/clubs at least 3 nights every week for at least 3 hours every time and approach a girl every 20 minutes. That is what is suggested by the book. Even though I will be a newbie at first, I am looking to improve my game much better after 5 months. I take this sarging women thing very seriously with clear goals, plan and time commitment. I hope that you will be equally serious about it. Let's meet up sometime and see if we make a good team.

    My email is: jayrabb88@yahoo.com



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