First time in a strip club
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    First time in a strip club

    It's X-Mas and I'm alone for the Holidays, not by fate but by choice (I recently dumped FB of 4 months)

    Anyways I decide to hit up a local strip club and girls naturally come up to me asking me if I want a drink/dance.

    Of course I decline nicely as I am trying to watch the basketball games.

    Later on the night I received 2 lap dances by strippers who were giving me IOI's

    So I said what the hell right?!?! Anyways I get one stripper who's 18 and told me she got out of a 3 yr relationship that didn't work out and has a kid and needed the money for nursing school (YEA RIGHT!)

    Anyways I number close her and she text me later on wanting to know what i was doing.

    I fed her some bullshit about going to a different club and was going to get some food and asked if she wanted to tag along.

    She said no but suggested we go out this sunday.

    So now I'm wondering since this is my first stripper that I've sarged.

    I recently read the Fader's guide to strippers and it was 99% TRUE

    Are there any other guide's that some of you guys might suggest that are as good as the Fader's one?

    If so who?

    Happy Holidays

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    Once you get a lapdance you most likely immediately go into "customer mode". I'd say if you want to get her, whatever you do don't go into her work anymore.

    If you have her number, call her and take her out to something that she's not used to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Njsdca View Post
    Once you get a lapdance you most likely immediately go into "customer mode". I'd say if you want to get her, whatever you do don't go into her work anymore.

    If you have her number, call her and take her out to something that she's not used to.

    You don't need a stripper game now. You have her number. Treat her like a normal girl.

    And don't be so judgmental about strippers. Many wholesome church-going girls put themselves through college by dancing.

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    <-- Love strippers

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    yeah... don't go back to that club when she's working... and don't spend money on dances... that's a suckers bet...

    TrueStory is right... treat her like a normal girl... cuz they are.... i've had a handful of dancers actually ask me ... in the club ... to take them to church... now that's another story

  7. <- loves strippers too

    I agree with not getting into customer mode. And I am jealous that you can get girls there... the club I go to is open until 530am and it makes it really, really hard to get any kind of SNL there.

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    The key to really picking up a dancer is to intrigue them like no one else has before. Many men walk into strip clubs and try and DHV, but when you break it down to their level... it doesn't build attraction. They've probably met, or already dance for someone who has 10x the amount of money you have, 5x a bigger ||||, and can kick anyone's ass they want.

    You need to present yourself as a comfortable person in your own skin, someone that accepts things at face value, and can handle themselves. Doesn't seem so hard now does it? Other than the fact that ALL of those qualities are completely destroyed by one big question: Why are you in a strip club!?

    So how can I avoid this question Nick? You don't. You drop everything you've ever learned about reversing that situation, and you open up. You smile and say why you're there They'll probably get a kick out of it to be honest, unless you're dumb and say that you want to find a girlfriend or get laid... THAT SHOULD NOT BE WHY YOUR AT A STRIP CLUB AND YOU KNOW IT!

    So you smile and say, "'Cause there is always so many hot guys here." Haha, not really, you just tell the truth. Usually you can return fire with some sort of qualifying, "Why are you here?" If at anytime during this conversation they try to transition with, "Why don't we go in the back and talk" or "You're so funny, we should dance..." count yourself out, they either aren't interesting enough for you, or are focused on your wallet. Control the frame of the conversation guys, don't lack personality, and last of all make sure you ask them for their phone number. Or even use my favorite strip-club-bouncing-awesome-transition, "Before I go back to where I belong, who lies more!? (We all know this one)" Don't answer their answer, just tell them where you'll be (bar, a buddies house, a club, your house... blah blah blah).

    I'd say another important point is DO NOT FILL EACHOTHER'S FANTASY, or even talk about it! Don't say that you don't judge, don't say that you've dated strippers unless you have, don't say that you're OK with her stripping, don't be what she wants you to be. Equally, don't give her money for things she doesn't deserve or you don't want (drinks, dances, obviously gifts unless you're dating). Pay for dinner, pick her up in your shitbox car, be comfortable D

    What a stupid rant haha


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