She wants sex, but didn't have sex
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  1. She wants sex, but didn't have sex

    So I met this girl tonight, a cute HB7, but a somewhat tomboy type. My friend originally met her earlier tonight, and she told my friend that she just broke up with her boyfriend and she is looking for a fun fuck tonight to get him out of her head. She told him that she was really looking foward to getting eaten out and cumming. But my idiot friend fucked up his chances somehow.
    So my friend told me about this girl, so I approached her and started gaming her. I could tell she was easily interested. So we got coffee, and I said some really interesting stories and routines. I could tell she was really interested because she was playing with her hair and leaning in a lot. I did the rings on fingers routines and tell her that ring means she's sexually aggressive. She really agreed. She said she's not the flirtatious type and goes straight for sex if she wants it. We discussed traveling a little bit, then I walked her to my room.
    In my room, I sat down on my bed, we thumb wrestled a little (she didn't sit on the bed though). After the thumb wrestling she said she was hungry and wanted to go get breakfast. So I transitioned into the Question Game. After a few questions and answers, she said 'I gotta go after this question," I asked a question, she answered, and she replied "it was nice meeting you, thanks for the company" and she left.
    What went wrong here?
    If she specifically told my friend she wanted to fuck tonight, and she told me she was sexually aggressive, then why didn't she stay to get fucked? I really didn't understand. I honestly thought it was a sure thing.
    I know I did not make out with her, but honestly I was with her for 20 minutes max, and there was really no good opportunity to do so. We were only at the coffee place, where we sat across from one another, and my room, where she didn't even sit on my bed, and she was standing for the whole time (3 minutes).
    What could I do for next time? What were my mistakes?

  2. Wow
    She just sent me a text message, saying "Hello"
    I responded "Hi"
    She replied, "the truth is you completely disarmed me... the reason I put up walls is to watch how people deal with them. You blew past them as if they didn't exist. Any move I make would only serve to validate what you think about me. I would like to teach you what's behind the wall.. unfortunately it seems like you already know"
    I said: "Whats unfortunate about it?"
    She replied: "unfortunate for me... why would I try to show you something you've already seen before"

    What's this supposed to mean? What the fuck is going on? LOL
    im confused haha
    (note: i did the Cube on her)

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    the way that i see it, now that you "know her"...theres no more fun for her, because one of her games/fronts she puts up is being somewhat mysterious/unpredictable. you've completely broken that down, and now she feels like you know every move that she is going to make before it ever happens.[predictability]

    they're still essentially looking for relationship material, even if its only gonna go so far as a quick fuck. i have a similar personality...i don't want people to be able to "know me" in the span of 15 minutes, but instead over a long period of time...this way, they lean something new about me everyday, thus keeping me interesting.

    [thats just what my theory on the psychology of this had excellent game...perhaps a bit too strong for this particular girl though]

  4. Alright
    Here's what happened. I continued the text game with her, we texted for about an hour. She basically told me she wants to have sex. I told her I am going to fuck the shit out of her, and she said ok but delicately. She came over, really excited, taking off most of her clothes as soon as she got into my room, and she didn't even wear a bra this time.
    I could tell she was a little nervous because she was shaking a little. So I went very slow, and I asked her if she gave good back massages, she said yes. She gave me one for a few minutes, then I gave her a massage. As I gave her the massage, I escalated little by little. We made out for 10 minutes, then I took off her shirt, then she took off my shirt. I made out with her more, then as I was about to take off her pants, she said: "You know what.... (1 minute pause)... let's forget it."
    I said, "Ok I understand."
    She then quickly got up, put on all her clothes and said, "Maybe some other time, usually I like there to be a 'click' between us before sex and it seems we have different styles."
    I said, "I understand, so what's your style?"
    She said, "Giving all you got, being a little rough."
    I replied, "Well, since it's my first time with you, I don't want to come off as too strong, you know."
    She said, "Yeah, but we have different styles, I like it straight too the point, but thanks for understanding" And she left.

    So what the fuck happened? I like how I wasted my ENTIRE night for this girl.
    I honestly escalated the way I always do with the past women I have been with, and based on what I have read in many books, such as MB.
    What should I do for next time? What do you think went wrong?

  5. OK, my original advise before you posted your followup is below... But, now that you posted your follow-up, I have no idea what to say.. haha

    Yeah, I agree that your game was maybe too strong. Don't let this go to your head, but, I think she is thinking "this guy is really interesting, I don't want to just have a ONS with him"... Anyway, I would pursue it still. Let us know how it goes.

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    So let me get this right.... She said she wants a quick fuck, she is sexually aggressive. says she wants to have sex with you... and you..........

    Ask for a thumb war wrestle, and a back massage??????????

    That is waht happened. She wanted exactly what she wanted- a quick rough fuck, and you carried on with the routines... She walked into your house to have sex, (after all you did say you were going to fuck the shit out of her) and then you ask for back massage.

    You were looking far to deep. She wanted sex badly, and you dried her up completely becuase you were wanting a back massage.

    She also gave you two chances to prove how much of a man you were. She was not looking for a relationship or a love making session. She just wanted sex. You proved that you were not man enough to take her by the hand straight up to your bedroom, strip her clothes off and do the business. It was a case of wham bam thank you mam, and you turned it into little cupids, scented candles etc etc etc....

    The only routine you shoud have used was the 'suck my cock bitch routine'.

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  8. So can this be fixed anyway, or should I just move on? Can I text her something and get her to come back?
    What should I do next time something like this happens so I don't get fucked over again?

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    You can't salvage that shit, after meeting you and your friend she's probably feeling like there's no men left in the world and is seriously contemplating groveling at the feet of her douchey ex boyfriend.

    Next time, try having more balls. Fake it at first, if you have to. You know the routine.

  10. EITHER

    After breaking up with her ex-boyfriend she wanted validation so she advertised sex, which is the most male attracting thing a female can do. All the effort you put it in gave her enough validation and she left.


    By doing what you did instead of just wanting a quick fuck she wants more and she knows shes not going to get it if she would of fucked you.


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