Facebook close setup - D2 help
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  1. Facebook close setup - D2 help

    Facebook closed a chick, started shooting the shit a little online, told her I'm going shopping and that she should come with.

    She said she's out that day with a friend Christmas shopping (fair enough or good excuse ) she said she could try come out though, I told her it was no biggie, snip and stacked, DHV'd, she then gave me her mobile number, told me to text / call her.

    Just wondering where to go from here really, she kept saying she'd love to have come if she wasn't busy and suggest we go out at night, but obviously I want to go out on my terms.

    What do you guys recommend I do about setting up a D2?

    I was thinking maybe old school, go for a few early drinks and hit the cinema! hah, I'm 19 and live with my parents and from England.


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    well i can tell you one thing... DONT GO TO THE MOVIES!!! there are plenty of other day 2 ideas out there, in fact there are threads full of them (the search function is your friend)

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    where abouts in England are you from ?

    if your anywhere near chill factor i'd recommend that for a first date.


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