#Loading...Life Upgrade#

Hey guys,

Here's a wee sampling from my blog The Adventures of Keychain.

I commonly see a couple fundamental sticking points that hold guys up when they first attend a bootcamp or read Magic Bullets. I'll paint two charicatures here to make a point...

1) The guys that seem to have it all - the wealth, the looks, the business success and even a great personality...but they don't have succesS with women. These guys show up at bootcamp and very often all they really need is to internalise a couple of mindset shifts, to learn a couple way to 'do' attraction so that they can convey the attractive qualities that are already built into their lives.

2) For other guys, they come to dating science without some of those life advantages. For them, learning to meet and attract beautiful women is the first step on a road to overall self-improvement. I've seen countless guys get good here and then go on to apply the same drive and enthusiasm to mastering other areas of life...I'm constantly inspired by these people.

This article is for the guys in the second camp. It goes out to all the guys who started with game, made a change and thought...'wow, if I can so significantly improve this area of my life...I wonder what ELSE I could accomplish!'



#Loading.......Life Upgrade#

- Keychain

I'm literally just about to head out the door but I wanted to put down some thoughts for you...

I've been really lucky lately to work with a lot of really cool guys, doing a bunch of 1-1's and consultations. I've been consistently impressed with (most) of the guys' attitudes - so willing to try new things, open to new ideas and passionate about throwing themselves into tough situations so they can really grow. And grow they have, it's been inspiring.

Many of these guys are using Game, and the process of learning it, as a vehicle to improve their whole lives. These guys are eating better, dressing well, holding their heads up high and communicating with clarity and strength - these are fantastic life skills! How did they learn them? Through game.

Increased confidence? From game. Clearer, brighter and more engaging communication style? From game. Sense of self worth and value? From game. A love, respect and empathy for others? From game.

The PROCESS of learning game and getting good at interacting with women has made these men better people overall. Now, not everyone in this community gets there, and that's okay...but let's you, dear reader, and I, dear author, be the kind of men who do reap the life benefits of learning to improve our interactions with women.

It seems that some people who learn 'game' for any length of time and have success seem to 'graduate', if you will, into improving other areas of their lives too. The amazing process of change and improvement that they witness in their interactions with women inspires them to revamp their health, finances and businesses with the same gusto and passion...and the results follow. 'If I've improved this much with girls...imagine what I could do with my finances/health/fashion!'

I want to encourage you guys to start upgrading every area of your life (it's YOUR life after all, rock it!).

Start small...and stack forward!

Stack little improvements one on top of another - eat a little better, start stretching every day, learn to cook a new kind of meal, tidy your room(!), get a copy of RichDadPoorDad and start reading, join a salsa class, go buy a nice jacket for the winter, get a trendy scarf, get out there and do some of that daygame you've been meaning to try, learn an instrument...

Start taking little action steps to improve the quality of your life and you will start to see changes. Maybe not instantly, but give it some time and you'll see your life gradually improving...and these kinds of slow, steady actions steps last. Build habits. Build in little upgrades to your life.

Do it guys. This is the kind of stuff that makes you the kind of man a great woman will become attracted to and, importantly, STAY attracted to...instead of 'doing' attraction, embark on the journey to 'become' attractive.

Oh, and don't think this means no more game...oh no, this is really where the game starts to get interesting

Get out there and meet girls, do your thing, live it up...and start building your life into the truly awesome adventure that it can be. Make it happen.

Good luck!