fucking ugly girls
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  1. fucking ugly girls

    so i met this 19 year old girl the other day, shes basically a 3 out of 10. She is Guyanese and she has kind of man-ish features, and chubby. Her eyes are kind of far apart which is somewhat creepy lol.
    She basically threw herself at me, and wants to fuck... easy, no work involved. She is willing to come over, take off her clothes, and start fucking. I do not have to try to do anything other than have sex with her.
    So my debate is, whether I should do it or not. On one hand, it's free easy sex and what guy doesn't want that... but on the other hand I do not want the possibility to be scarred for life. She is pretty ugly, and I do not know if I will enjoy it and thus, it will always be a bad memory.

  2. Dude- no - nothing wrong with banging a few 7s (maybe even a 6) every now and again...but a 3?? why subject yourself to that?? Other problem - I dont know how big your community is but - if she is a 3 she will want everyone to know you and her did it - this will be an exreme DLV for any hot girls who find out.

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    Why are you bothering with you game , if you dont want quality girls , if you standards only require a free root then why try?

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    If you're not attracted to her, then pass her on to someone else. It sounds like you're repulsed by her on all levels, so why bother when you could be with someone you are attracted to? Plus you're most likely to regret it esp. if you're out with friends and she's coming up to you being affectionate. You really don't want to look like a dick by hurting her feelings nor DLV yourself in front of friends who will say you've gone trolling...

    I know guaranteed sex is hard to say no to, but if you feel this is someone you're embarrassed to ever be seen with and potentially be baby's daddy...say no.

    You will regret it, unless you're on holiday in another country and there's no possible way she'd be able to see you again.

  5. Don't do it! She will most likely tell everyone and then you really be fucked.

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    I'm going against Mystery on this one..

    Sex can wait! Mas-ter-bate!

    if ever a time called for it, that time is now.

  7. Who would she tell? She doesn't know anyone I know. I just met her.

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    Dont do it

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    Man, people nowdays... Dude we aint your penis's conscience. Do whatever you want lol. Just beware of cute sheeps because they might hit on you too. Try not to fuck em also lol.

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    lol.. Do it..

    one of my biggest influences in comedy (george carlin ... RIP.. ) said once, " You know, I never fucked a ten.. not once.. but one night, I fucked Five 2's! "

    I'm not gonna lie, I've fucked chicks that look like

    but its always a hilarious story to tell your friends afterwards.. You can do what ever you want with these girls, and they either get creeped out and leave, or they are forced to take it, cause they're not gonna get it anywhere else.. Look at my signature for inspiration.

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