Screaming and Punching

This is the story of my Friday night. It started when me and a good buddy of mine wanted to go out. He isnt really in the know about PUA. He does have some natural game though. So we get to the club. I wasnt planning on picking up. I was just hanging out with a friend. He wasnt my normal wing anyway. So we walk in get some drinks and 2 seconds after we order them I see a familiar face...

UG(ugly girl): Huh? OMG!

I had seen her and talked to her at my old job a bunch of times, she was friends with another chick who worked there.

UG: whats up? long time? bla bla bla
insert boring caching up
HH: Your so rude who is your friend?

This is where i meet HBviolent a 9 and the name is appropriate as you will soon see.

I didnt really try anything yet. They invited us back to there couch place where 4 other friends were waiting. I met 2 chill dudes and my friend got along well with them cause he played hockey and went to school with a bunch of dudes they knew. I met 2 more UGs and both of them WERE TAKEN! The UGs had boyfriends and the HBs did not. Love it. Funny side note: One of the guys had a naked pic of a girl from my old school. Awesome laugh. I cant wait to tell her I saw it.

Then I see HBfashion. Wow. In my eyes she is almost a 10. A little thin for my tastes. Not enough meat. I dont like alot of meat! Im just saying I dont like hugging twigs.

HBfashion: Its my birthday! Buy me a drink!!
HH: Whats the date today?
HBfashion: ummm....

She had a huge smile on her face. This was a discovery! Im going to use this all the time. Its always some chicks "Birthday". its an awesome way to embarrass them and to see if it really is there birthday. call them out as a liar. You guys know what to do.

So me and my bud mention we are going to get a pitcher. They ask us to get them some. I say get your own. Dont you have a JOB? They lived in a rich area so i told them to ask their parents for money and such.

Things start getting good when we all meet around the bar. i was sitting between HBviolent and one of the UGs. They are like screaming in my ears talking and laughing. I tell them to basically shut up and stop screaming in my ears. They are both loving it. Lots of Kino. I then pull the HBviolent towards me and say

HH: I need to tell you something
HBviolent: yeah?

I basically pulled her over and Screamed in her ear. She looks shocked and is actually having an awesome time. We play with this a bit. Out of nowhere she grabs my ass. So i turn around and take a large handful of one of her cheeks and give it a squeeze.

HBviolent: OMG!
HH: You grabbed my ass first!
HBviolent: That totally wasnt me!
HH: Oh i know it was you

She smiles and blames the UG so I grab her ass too! Soon I am leaning against the bar. Owning the whole set. My friend is chatting up the HBfashion. Apparently when he was at a cabin party and she saw him get sucked off by some broad. They called her the whip cream bandit. Because she would put whip cream on your strawberries! I started chatting to her and when I finished my water I poured my ice into her drink. She was shocked. But she kept drinking. IOI? We all danced together. Just jumped around and screamed songs out. HBviolent and her friend were dancing so me and my bud both made it a sandwhich. I got HBviolent and he kinda got one of the UGs.

I dont know how this happened but sometime in the night HBviolent actually starts getting violent. Like punching me. Hitting me. I just hit her back though. Or screamed in her ear. So i was playing her game. I have never encountered this. Maybe it was an excuse to touch me? I know some girls hit you to literally test your physical strength. Maybe thats what she was doing. Im a tall big guy. I probably had 80lbs on her easy.

So things sorta die out my UG friend gets pissed at HBviolent for some reason. I actually think it had something to do with HBviolent pushing her! HBviolent disappears I have no idea what would have happened had I tried to number-close. Its time to close in on HBfashion. She actually calls he Ex-BF of 3 years to come pick her up. And he does. He gets lost so many times though. He keeps hanging up on her. She is getting pissed. I know exactly where he is and where he needs to go so im feeding her directions. Awesome eye contact throughout. She regurgitates them horrible which works for me!

We end up outside and I tell her I can drop her off on my way home with my friend. She eventually agrees after I tell her how terrible her and her Ex are at directions. I start the car up. She calls shotgun and dives in. Before I leave the parking lot I pull a Style and hand her one of my DJ buisness cards turned around and a pen. I love this cause if she turns it around it says my name and PROFESSIONAL DJ on a nice laminated card!

HBfashion: Whats this for?
HH: Be creative
a few seconds pass...
HBfashion: Ill give you my number

YES! My friend in the back chimes in with "Me Too! Me Too!". AFC. It seemed to make my close look like I was trying way to hard to be subtle. I was kinda hoping he wouldnt know I got her number. We chat about girls and guys and relationships. We drive around a bit and I actually get lost! But i find my way eventually. When I drop her off I tell her she needs to take me shoe shopping soon. We talked about shoes earlier that night. Seemed appropriate.

Now the Txt game. This is my sticking point right now. I havent tried kiss-closing yet so i wont even count that. I sent a txt late that night ala NEKO. Basic outline of the txt:

Hey [Guy friends name]!! [Context of the meeting] I met a cute girl but she is [insert neg from the meeting] should i [date/call/see] her again?

My neg was that she was "she might be one of those ADHD club girls". Which if you saw her then you would probably say the same thing. This is supposed to be like a mis-sent txt. You accidentally sent it to her.That was Friday night. On sunday night I sent another Txt. this one said in a nutshell:

"Have you thought of places to take me shoe shopping? They have to be classy or unique and scream HEAVYHARMONY! Im counting on your fashion sense! "

So its now monday and I still havent heard a word. I really want to try sending a txt saying:

"The least you could do is tell me to fuck off"

I just want to try it for shits. I could see her either feeling guilty or just sending one that said Fuck off. If she did I would reply with:

"Thank you for the honesty. Pleasure meeting you."

That might get a positive response. Who knows. So if you guys want to start ripping this apart please do. Give me as much feedback as possible!