Fader Phone Consult - November 2008
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  1. Fader Phone Consult - November 2008

    Had an amazing phone consult back in November with Fader. You'll see right away, even over the phone, that he has an incredibly smooth & engaging way of communicating with people. There's just something "right" about the the way he interacts.

    He went above & beyond expectations; I had very specific points/situations I wanted to talk about; he had no problem helping me zero-in on a solution, and was upfront & honest about the likelihood of success.

    I only sought out 1-on-1 consultation because it was an unusual request/special situation that I couldn't t figure out on my own/research on here... in cases like this, you NEED an expert that won't parrot back the usual things you've heard/read a thousand times. Needless to say, I could tell straight away Fader was operating on a whole different level. Highly recommend!!

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    I have been gone for a bit because of a broken monitor and was cleaning up the review forum and noticed this. Just wanted to say thanks for the nice review. Cant believe I missed this.
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