How a broken toe and AA ruined my night!
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    How a broken toe and AA ruined my night!

    Last Saturday started like any normal Saturday. Wake up at 5am go to work till 3. Then i was going to go see a movie with my Ex. Her idea not mine.. As i was getting pumped up listen to music watching PUA clips and stuff I was cumming outta my laundry room and bam i tripped and in the process broke my toe (to hard to explain how it happened). What ever i thought. I'll go out and just take some pain killers. Got dressed headed out.

    With my Ex we saw the movie Rock n Rolla. That movie pumped me up for the rest of the night. Or so I thought. Met up with my wing at 11 went into the club. The moment i got in i just closed up.. Every good feeling i had was gone. I try'd to ignore it but i have a problem with AA. I had 3 girls open me up all with the same line more or less "You look like a rock star" I attempted to game them. One i got cock blocked by her boyfriend, but i played it off cool, and just introduced myself to him and left 2 min later. The other two the pain in my toe just started to get unbearable so i couldn't think, but this was like 3 hours into being there.

    At the end of the night i got no numbers at all. I just couldn't approach anyone. I always get this problem. I go in pumped up and then nothing or very little.

    Any suggestions on little trick how to get over AA? I've tried a few things, i just can't get over it.

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    Inner game. You have to have confidence.

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