Sales person at the mall. Is she interested or just Trying to sell me shit?
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    Sales person at the mall. Is she interested or just Trying to sell me shit?

    Today me and my wing went to the mall just to do some socializing so i can show my wing how to be social. Anyways, you know how when you go to the mall and they have the pagodas in the the hallway/walkways well everytime i go to the mall i laugh because there is a specific pagoda called the Secret Spa and they always walk up to females and try to sell their lotion and "amazing" nail buffer. If you walk past they try to suck you in. The part that i laugh at is they have never approched me (most likely cause im a guy and wouldnt want any of their product) anyways i alays say if they ever ask me to get my "nails did" that i would do it purely for shits and giggles. Well today was the day...
    (below is a laid out plan of what happened with my experience i have questions bout if she was jus selling me shit or ment it also will post in FR forum)

    Me and Bleach head down the escalator to the lower section of the mall when i notice a female at the Secret Spa. I see her most everytime im there. She is about an HB8. But today i was feeling adventurous and wimsy. The minute i look at her, her eyes peer back at mine and dont look away.

    (From what i know that is a definate IOI But since she is a sales person isnt like the rule of thumb not to make eye contact or otherwise your in their crosshairs? Thats Q1)

    we get to the bottom and as me get closer to the pagoda she approches us and asks if we would like to try some lotion for our hands. I immediatly jumped aboard because finally they approached me this is hilarious (i am an outgoing person naturally so i liek to have fun social interations with random people hence the "excitedness" trust me i dont wanna seem gay for body lotion) as we applied the lotion to our hands she asked if we had GF i replied yes (even though i dont) to try to desqualify myself to her as i was not trying to "win her over" my buddy Bleach replied with a no.

    (Q2. Was that a good choice for a was to disqualify myself to her?)

    She asked if she could show us one last thing that was a great gift idea for a female. I bit cause it seemed enticing and fun cause shit i wasnt doin anything else all day. She wanted to show us this nail polishing thinger bobber idk i didnt care much i was in it for the game =D. She takes my hand and starts to do this rubbing thing with this buffing block on my right hand thumb. as shes doing this shes giving us the normal routine "shpeal" when she notices my arm. (ii recently got my half sleeve started thats a type of tattoo for those people i have to mention that too) she was very taken by it and had tons of questions about it. She didnt seem like she was trying to sell me at that point she seemed genuine. Where it all started to escalate was when this took place.

    HB: How much did that cost?
    Me: One hundered and fifty bucks

    (hb ponders in her head and repeats what i say. she is from israle or however u spell it)

    HB: wow thats quite a bit
    ME: Naw not overly i spent close to normally 300 bucks for something of this size.

    (HB ponders again like she is lost on the english meaning of bucks)

    HB: Wow thats alot i was just thinking how much that would be in *the currency she named*
    ME: oh yeah where is that from?

    HB: isreal
    ME: oh nice, nice

    (more small chatter about this arm continued)

    HB: *starts "shpeal" again but keeps trailing off as she stairs at my arm*

    I jus sat their observed pretending to listen. There was a few seconds of silence but not awkward silence. i cant describe what it felt like but it deffinatly wasnt bad silence. Thru the silence she continued to "buff" Mind you this hole time shes holding my hand and still getting lost with my arm. She is constantly rotating it the slightest to get a look at some of the other work but in a manner to make sure i wouldnt find out (ha like i cant feel her doing it) i am lookin at her while shes doing this and she glances up at me and she starts to giggle. It was the kind of giggle you would get from the little girl inside her. I ask her

    ME: What? (in a friendly manner)
    HB:nothing nothing *giggles some more and begins to blush*
    ME: *i giggle back a little*

    (Q3. from what i know that is deff. IOI BUT!... i shoot back to the salesperson thing again was she doing that just to get my to buy her shit and play me or what it for real it was all in a moment where it seemed she didnt feel like she was working and she was very relaxed.)

    Thru the rest of the ordeal i joked her about how she made my nail all pretty and how guys are going to think im guy with this pretty thumb nail. She also asked more questions personal to me that were irrelivent to the sale like age where i was from(i think she was asking this because of my complextion i am very tan and she may have been hoping for an answer ofher home country. idk im no wizard) She intorduced herselto me tward the end of the convo and gave me her name she wrote it down Shenhav its very pretty when she says it i dont remember otherwise i would spell it phoneticly. I told her that i thought her name was beautiful (it really is) i didnt try to number close her for reasons only my subconscience knows.

    Basically i am wondering if she was playing me like a sap or being truely genuine?

    also what would be good way to open her next time im at the mall to try and get a number or a location swap to say the starbucks thats there to get a coffee or something to that matter. i bought one of the kits as an excilent idea for a gift for my sister but she thinks its for my GF. how would i be able to bring up or show that my GF are no longer together and for instance have broken up?

    please your feedback is much appriciated

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    Wow... are you from Memphis? This is not a joke at all I had the EXACT fucking same thing happen to me two nights ago in the mall here... she approached me and my 2 guy friends, asked if we had g/f's, how old we were etc... buffed my nails, did some serious flirting... I asked if she was from Russia then she told me she was from Israel.

    I'm not making this shit up, if your not from memphis this is the biggest fucking coincidence ever hahahaha.

    And yeh, I didn't try for the #... she's a good salesman is all I could figure, even if she shot me the # I doubt she would ever picked up. She even used the line of "Here, if you promise not to tell anyone i'll give it to you for the price we pay and cut out my commission" all while rubbing my hands... she almost got me too!

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    ha nice was it some mineral lotion that only parts of it are found in the dead sea er some bull ish lol
    im from buffalo ny lol

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    sorry dude, she's just a good salesperson.

    I work in sales, kinda like an Australian Best Buy... trust me, she knew what she was doing, and she got you to spend like $150 on freaking salt. Even if its from the dead sea, it's got an absolute max cost price of like $10, and she's probably on $50 per sale, no hourly rate. She played all her cards right, she mentioned how she normally pays $300, the part where she looks at you so you walk to her is a classic technique, and I ask people useless info like name and age to build rapport all the time.

    Plus, it's very unprofessional to date a customer. If I did that I'd get an official warning, ie, 3 warnings I'm fired.

    Even if I'm wrong, why couldn't you number close her?

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    it wasnt that i couldnt i just didnt not even an attempt to idk a bit of a freeze for me i guess u could say which is weird i more or less just had fun with the experience and i only paid 30 bucks for it the 300 was about a tattoo price i paid for a larger tattoo sorry for confusion

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    Quote Originally Posted by TikiHut View Post
    i only paid 30 bucks for it the 300 was about a tattoo price i paid for a larger tattoo sorry for confusion
    Oh, that changes it completely. If she's not making huge sales with huge margin, she's not trying to be a salesperson afterall.. she's probably on a quota of selling about 20 packs a day, $20 an hour.

    Yeah, you lose nothing by going back to her and trying to pick her up; but you have to be extra careful not to come off as creepy, I mean you are going to her, where she works.

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    yeah sorry man =D
    i will attempt to in a few days
    its a rather busy mall and this time of year is slammed with reasoning to be at the mall so i should com off as to creepy
    i was gested an opening routine to this nature

    Here is what you can do. Go back to the mall she works at in 2 days or so by yourself (give it a gap because you don't wanna appear to be a sap).

    PUA: Hi ____ (name or the word "there" if you forgot), how's your sales been today?
    HB: Not as good as I'd like
    PUA: Well you know if you didn't squirt everyone with the lotion that walked by you'd have another bottle to sale.
    HB: Giggles
    PUA: So if your bf were to buy you a bottle of lotion for christmas would you be smiling or pouting?
    HB: Answers (probably will say she'd be glad because it bla bla bla to sell the lotion)
    PUA: Well if a girl brought me home a bar of soap, I'd be a bit puzzled... but if she did it with a cute smile like yours I'd be overjoyed.

    HB will smile.... then you gotta ask her some opinion question outside of this topic to escalate. Respond with a DHV.

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    I had a similar experience. Girl said she was from Israel. It was in a mall in Salem, Oregon. She grabbed my arm and rubbed her crap on it to show the comparison of how good one looked compared to the other. She was flashing IOI's around like no one's business. I told her I'd think about it and come back. She was disappointed.

    Five minutes later I re-examined my arms and they looked identical. She was probably on, as previously mentioned, 100% commission. If you can get her number without buying crap (you should NEVER buy that crap, especially from a gypsy like that), then good for you. But I think it'd be ridiculous.

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    As someone who lives with Israelis and deals with them every day, I can tell you that she was just selling you.

    My friend tried that at the mall in La Jolla(UTC Mall), and, crashed and burned even though we had the advantage of being "of the tribe". In fact, we've turned it into a game because some of the more genuine girls at the carts will improve their disposition 10x when they hear you dropping Hebrew.

    The chances of an Israeli cart girl in the mall actually leaving sales-pitch-mode is small though....especially if you're not actually Jewish.

  10. Ha, reminds me of Sean Messenger's attempt at pickup on Mehow's product.... He tries to game this saleslady (also from Israel). She looks like she is flirting with him but it is obviously she is just trying to get the sale.


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