im on the fast track...
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    im on the fast track...

    so osme of yous have ready my first thread 2 weeks ago after reading the mm...this was my third week usin the techniques and i must say its amazing.. i firsth posted 3 weeks ago about my first number close(using the method) and now 3 weeks in im posting my first lr lol.... in wich the girl actually pened a set with me... i was gaming her for about a hour neging her.. making her buying me drinks stuff from the book.. basically i learned that really it doesnt matter what you say its confidence level and how u come last night when i was out in less than 5 mins.. the hottest girl in the place came up and opened me she was hired gun working for bud light buttt she stayed with me and i numbered closed after 15 mins... than later on i was with ym boys and went to the bar by myself( also noticed when i do best.. my firneds are horrible wings with no game and chase sets away lol) so now anothewr set opens me and i play the game blah blah....end of the night i built so much comfort with the friends that they actually invited me back to hang out... as that was happening i seen my target behind my back signal them no no cuz she didnt want to have sex(anti slut defense).. i finally pretended to take offsense like who said i was having sex with you? punished her for 5 mins with negs and them gave ioi's and 20 mins at the house i had sex with her than bounced it was amazing could not believe how great it it 3 weeks in i am having onre nighters nad every night i have closed at least a number i would say to everyone that is jsuttt starting to just be confident in everything you say thats the most imp thing i see... when your at that level you can get away with anythnig you say or do... amazing forums helped me alot and great suport from other memebers i look foward to reading magic bullets next and basically everything i can get my hands on..

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    good job man. keep it up


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