Didn't ask for number. Friend got friends number.

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    Didn't ask for number. Friend got friends number.


    Wondering if this is recoverable or a bad idea. Was chatting to a hb9, quited liked, gave IOIs. Didn't get her number as I am a twat. My friend got her friends number from the interaction and isn't interested in her.

    Best way to maniuplate this to see the other girl?

  2. if your friend isn't a PUA.... then you should've had no problem...
    don't be a twat.... read up on the basics.... A1-C3
    and try again...
    CALIBRATE my friend.... it's all in the VAH and magic bullets...

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    he is.
    and I know the basics. My friend number closed, and created an end of interaction from the 4 of us. I hadn't learned enough about the girl to get her number without it being soley based on her looks.

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    you should have def built the attraction and had her qualify. even though the friend isnt interested, if hes a good friend he will make plans for the four of you to get together. ask him to do this. Id say since you missed the number close on day 1 you should go further and see if you can kiss close day 2, you have to make up for it in her eyes.


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