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    Hey guys, I am looking for a wingman in delaware, the 18-22 age range, anyone around here? I have alot of friends, and two close friends, both of them know aobut the pua community, one has a girlfriend, and the other, well, is just too much wrapped in his own laziness, and self degradation to even approach a girl, so I am basically all alone. I have no problem picking up girls when I am alone, and I also pick them up in groups of friends, but its just not the same. I want to be able to have the experience of sarging with someone familiar with the pickup community and is looking to have a good time while doing it without looking like an afc or having the emotional baggage of a girlfriend.

    Sorry for the spelling/wall of text, its like 4 30 am right now and I am getting ready for the day.

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    I live very close to Delaware- as a matter of fact, my house is right next to the border. I work at the concord mall, i'm 21, and I go to temple university. Anyway, I live right next to Naamans Road, specifically in boothwyn, PA.

    Are you familiar with these areas?

    - Numair

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    holy shit, lol, your post is over 2 years old.

  4. You guys both have old posts, but I live in Hockessin and if you guys want to come to Newark we can game some UD girls. My friends are massive pussays so I am always on my own.

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