Jeremy Soul Day Game Workshop - London, November 2008
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    Jeremy Soul Day Game Workshop - London, November 2008


    Although I have read a few pickup materials I consider myself a newbie at the pickup. I went to a talk given by the Sheriff, 5.0, Sould and Mr M last week and I was very impressed not only by his obvious mastery of the day game but also how calm he was and clear and consise at explaining concepts. I immediately signed up for his day game seminar when I got home, my first seminar in pickup.

    I picked the day game seminar because I am 30 and don't really enjoy the club environment and most club girls are't really my type. I prefer to meet girls as part of my daily routine.

    Before the seminar started I had some 1 on 1 time with Soul to ask him a few questions and ask him for some advise on life in general. Soul is genuinly intrested in helping people and I could see that he enjoyed imparting his knowledge.

    I won't go too much in to the seminar itself. I will say lot of the things that Soul pioneered about the day game threw out some of the preconceptions that I had (from reading The Game, VA hand book, and watching the Pick Up Artist) also I learned few cruicial differences between the day game and the night game. Also learned that some things that I thought were "Laws" from the old Mystery Method is outdated or counter productive in day game.

    He not only explained concepts but also the resons behind why you should behave a certain way and what it sub communicates. So I don't have to blindly follow any method but understand the concepts behind it.

    I am glad I got to learn from a teacher who not only specialises in day game but also field tested his own unique concept which I would not be able to learn from anywhere else. I would throughly recommend Soul's day game seminar to anyone.

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    Hey Lankan,

    Make sure you put into practice what you learnt at Soul's seminar straight away, it'll change your life!


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    Make sure you put into practice what you learnt at Soul's seminar straight away, it'll change your life!
    PierreX, it's people like you that make this so worthwhile - and in fact, have allowed me to be proud of what I do and therefore be honest with everyone around me about it (including girlfriends).
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