DJing to build a social lifestyle and meet girls?

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    DJing to build a social lifestyle and meet girls?

    I'm not a very social guy and cold approaching by itself seems to have limited usefulness. I was thinking that a good hobby for me to take up might be DJing, because I would spend more time in the social world of cute girls and also get status as the guy controlling the vibe of the place. On the other hand learning to DJ would be a significant time requirement since I know nothing about it right now. (Nor do I know the difficulty of finding work in decent places) Do you guys think taking up DJing would really be worth it for becoming more social and integrated into the club scene?

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    You definitely DO want to put conscious energy into building up a social circle.

    You definitely DONT want to learn to dj to please others, to use it as "permission" to be social, or to feel is if it's your only way to develop a social circle.

    You also want to make sure it's congruent with your identity. Do you like house/rap/whatever? Are you passionate about it? Could you really see yourself being a dj?

    Do you have a couple grand to drop on a mixer, tables/cdj's, cases, headphones, records/cd's, and misc shit?

    As it turns out, being a dj is not as useful as you might think. A good dj is concerned with mixing, and will be buried in his record bag, cueing up records in poor lighting, or working on defeaning himself in the booth with both his monitor and headphones on full blast. He has no time to talk to girls, walk around, or game. He ends up staying after the club closes to pack up audio equipment.

    Can it be decent social proof just to be seen controlling a crowd? Definitely. You are the leader of men and women. But it should be something you love, and realize that the proof really isn't anything amazing that you couldn't otherwise get.

    I would say build your social circle through setting up strategic social alliances at whatever club you want to be proofed in. Meet the bouncers (so you can skip the line), the ppl (usually chicks) who take your cover (so you can get in free), the bartenders (so you get served quicker/cheaper), and then maybe the dj. He really has minimal power in the club heirarchy, it's not like it seems. The guy who has most is the small time club promoter - you really want to work this guy and offer him value by bringing girls with you to the venue.

    This last paragraph, of course, is a brief way to build a "club social circle". This is the group of people who know you in the fantasy world that is clubs. What's funny is that these people may not give you the time of day outside of a club, but when befriended in the right way will be your best friends in the club. These connections will allow you to approach the super hot club girls from a "cold approach" to a "warm approach". They literally end up handing you super hotties on a silver platter. You skip opening and attraction, make the girls work in qualification, and can pull them really fucking fast since their BT and attraction is so high. It's like a whole 'nother kind of game.

    Any questions on clubs feel free to ask. I was a house/electro dj, in a past life.
    Always leave her better off than you found her

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    Well I think your holding being a dj to high up. Yes the get friends but a big
    Majority like the hook up side of it all. My ex-gf who I'm casually seeing always gets hit on by djs she sees it as a low value anyone can do it deal. She uses them for to get me and her in. Her friends do the same but if you can weed them out more power to you.

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    You definitely DONT want to learn to dj to please others, to use it as "permission" to be social, or to feel is if it's your only way to develop a social circle.
    become a DJ because YOU want to...not because it gets you chicks. and actually have to work to get chicks if you are a DJ. you need to build a reputation and start small like any other performing artist out there. just because you have turntables doesn't mean a club is going to hire you. i've been bboying[breakdancing] for yeeeears and only now am i finally get paying and high status gigs. i don't really care about the money or the status's something i LOVE to do. i don't even need to use it as a crutch to get women.

    bottom line...pick something that you are passionate about then master it. ;]

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    I have read that its important to choose hobbies that reflect the lifestyle you want to have. Since I was dorky for most of my life, the interests I naturally lean towards are going to be video games and other activities of limited usefulness. Nowadays I go to the gym regularly and work for myself, but I had to step outside my comfort zone to develop interests in these areas.

    Just like the other areas of my life I feel I'll need to push myself to get started with whatever social hobby I take up. Since the lifestyle I desire is hooking up with hot club girls, DJing seems to be the best fit since it is integrated into the club scene. I figure I can DJ on the slow nights of the week (sunday thru wednesday) to become a "leader" in the club world (since DJs must have a keen sense of music and the vibe of the crowd) and also build a club social circle easily as a fellow insider. I could then do the normal routine thursday-saturday. I don't see another hobby with such a good integration into the clubs except promoting which I'm not interested in.

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    you can "hot club girls" with ANY hobby.

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    Obviously there are better choices than others though. I don't think I'm going to sell out my soul by trying to develop an interest in those areas.

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    Hey man give me a list of your hobbies, job, intersts and I can help you out

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    Ok. I work as a futures trader (trading my own account) I also go to a state school as a finance major and have another 2 years to go (I started late). Until a few years ago I didn't do much at all except surf the web and play video games. Now I go to the gym and eat healthy, and I also read business magazines and web sites (it's part of my job as well as an interest)

    As far as my interests, I still have some old tendencies I want to get rid of. I still waste too much time on the internet, this is partly fueled by the necessity for me to keep an eye on the markets because watching price flows around the clock gives an advantage over just watching the day session. Still I want to seperate myself from the computer screen a bit more somehow, I'm hoping whatever "social hobby" I pursue will help with that.

    I am looking for a hobby that will put me around social people so I have the constant exposure to them. Since I've never been around women much I want to concentrate on them. Only things I could think of to facilitate that were dance and DJing. Dance sounds interesting for the future but is too much of a gamble now, I think DJing would be nice though because I could pick up on music as well as the workings of the club scene. It sounds nice in theory but people are confirming my concerns that actually getting gigs is tough and there is not much time to socialize.

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    Alright, with you being a futures trader, when they ask what you do, jsut say your in finance. Also if they bring someting up about he market, like how they have bad investments or something, make a suggestion on the subject to them. This demonstrates value becuae you are a expert in that area, and you are not bragging, you don't have to tell them a story about it, for more on that check out londonsoul, an instrcuotr with the mysterymethod. Even if you have had not many fun things, remember that if you think your life is boring she will to. be positive, watch your bodylanguage. Almost anything can be cool and display value to a gril, check around on some of the instructors posts. If you need any more help i'll do what I can


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