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  1. College Game Anyone?

    Hey what up you guys? I'm not gonna lie, I'm new to this sorta thing, especially school game. What is the best method for apoarching girls that are in you classes and gaming them?

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    List The Good DHV Stories You Actually Use...


    Im finding it hard gathering together some new material.

    Let's see what your all using at the minute!

  3. I like to go with the " do i look gay in this" or " do you think men know what wemon want in a relationship". Both always hook with the right energy. It doesnt even have to transition, but make sure you do, i will dhv about a gay friend i have or something about a relationship problem i helped my buddy "joe" with, showing i have social intuition. But then transition into, somthing such as "Well enough about relationships, nobody here is relationship material." negs all around. then comfort along with more dhvs

  4. Why is this a sticky? No good info

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    The best opener?

    I am looking for the one best opener because I like to open as many people as possible just because I am very social.

    "I know you probably get this a lot but I cannot help to tell you how beautiful you are"

    Is this too direct?

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    I Found the Problem with My Game - Need Help!

    I discovered the problem with my game. I approach girls very well and get their number with no problem. But when I take them out, I dont generate enough attraction or comfort. I don't have any interesting topics to talk about either. Hope you experienced PUAs can help me. What do I do to tell interesting topics and generate attraction and comfort on the first date?

  7. Observational and Group Openers

    Hey boys,

    Ok, I'm looking for a list of observational openers to spark conversation randomly. I'm also looking for group openers. I know a few opinion openers but find the conversation fizzles out pretty quick after. Any help would be really appreciated.



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