Fader Headstart - LA, October 2008
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  1. Fader Headstart - LA, October 2008

    I arrived one day early to meet up at the start-up seminar with Fader. Knowing nothing about lovesystems, whether it was a scam or for real, I went to this seminar hoping it to be worth all the money i dished out. Good decision.
    Fader is the most altruistic, informative, and tells-it-like-it-is guy I met all weekend. This is exactly what I needed. He really wants to help you succeed and also breaks it down for the analytical person (myself including anybody holding a job in computers,science,medicine,finance, engineering etc.) ANYBODY looking for an instructor for a bootcamp, fader is your guy. He will give you the push you need and sometimes bitch slap you..lol.., until you do what you're supposed to be doing.
    As for the start-up seminar, I would have been a little lost the rest of the weekend if i hadn't signed up for it.

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    Fader's headstart

    I attended Fader's headstart program at the last LA Superconference and we were in for a treat. While a lot of instructors were 'shared' by dozens of guys during the SC, there was just more than a handful of us. It felt like a intimidate evening with Fader, so hot in fact that the maintenance guy had to be brought in to cool down the room several times.

    The headstart put us in the right headspace for the rest of the weekend and, looking back at my notes, Fader unknowingly covered topics that would not be covered by any of the speakers at the S.C.

    First of all, we were given a comprehensive coverage of Fader's inner game talk, which he normally covers on the first day of his bootcamps. For those who have read Fader's Classical posts on the subject of I.G, there is nothing better than having the author of those precious gems talking about his personal life and how he's turned things around using the very concepts he is teaching you. What I liked about Fader's 'inner game points' is that you can focus on each of them individually and consciously apply them in your life, not just pick-up. There is no fluff, just bullet point practical advice that help you get results.

    He went on to give an overview of the EPM and his unique breakdown of the attraction phase and the various ways of conveying it. A good portion of time was also spent on opening, esp the mindset behind effective opening.
    It began clear how all these tiny details can make a world of difference between a successful hook and a blow-out.

    At various points, he would allow students to interrupt him with clarifying questions to make sure that every aspect is properly understood. He went overtime by having a Q&A session where he offered his brains to be picked on. Among the gems he shared was his personal insights on Stripper Game as well as personal analysis of his own PUs and the lessons he learned from them. He gave several books recommendations and so far, I have only read 'Who moved my cheese?"

    As an instructor, Fader [whose handle has nothing to do with the infamous Star Wars character, I found out] has this infectious enthusiasm, which is felt through the delivery of his dating knowledge. Time flies and if it wasn't for the call of nature, I could happily have sat through a couple more hours. After having read some of his previous reviews, I can totally understand why some of his students can relate to him on a deep level. Fader is so humble about himself that you may wonder whether he is actually disqualifying himself in order to win you over.

    Room for improvement:
    The only angst I had about the headstart program was that Fader was not given prior knowledge of the outline of sessions for the next 3 days. Hence, he could not possibly tailor his talk to avoid any overlapping of information that we would later be exposed to. He made up for it by tailoring the program to the students present and ensuring that we got a good grasp of the foundations.

    If I could summarize the whole program, it would be to quote Fader: CHANGE IS EVERYTHING and PLAY TO WIN.

    (If you've never failed, you've never lived.)

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    Just saw this also. Thanks much guys. Dr Dopamine is now a really close friend and Mia well if the damn guy lived in America I might see him more
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