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  • Details

    38 5.48%
  • GQ

    257 37.09%
  • Maxim

    115 16.59%
  • Playboy

    57 8.23%
  • KING

    9 1.30%
  • Men's Health

    295 42.57%
  • Edge

    4 0.58%
  • Stuff

    24 3.46%
  • I recieve online newsletters. (

    39 5.63%
  • Other (please specify)

    70 10.10%
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrueStory
    Which one do you like? And why?
    Details clearly smokes all of them.
    - Great style advice, and the ads show people *well* peacocked.
    I don't know if I'm wrong, but I'm getting the impression from a lot of posts that peacocking is just slapping on an LED belt or wearing a shrit with a cute line.
    - Good variety of topics relevant to MEN.
    Not just juvenile humor like Maxim, or just nekkid chicks or anything. Not just 2343208 variations of the same diet like mens health.
    - Relatable
    It isn't on another planet in terms of relatability. Esquire and IIRC, GQ??? seem to be catered to the absolute high class people and the topics and humor and advice given wouldn't relate to 90% of the population.
    - No harmful AFC advice.
    - Genuinely interesting and informative.

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    i got the magazine "Cargo" yesterday in the mail
    its really just got shit to buy in it but it had loads of fashion tips and lifestyle tips
    not so much of the T&A bombardment like maxim stuff and FHM

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    I Subscribe to Esquire & buy GQ regularly. I had a subscription to Men's health for many years, now I get it for free.
    The magazine I buy the most is MCN... I can get a full on boner from a chick riding an MV Augusta or the ZZ-R1400.
    It's a biker thing.

  4. I just subscribed to GQ, and got a great deal on it. I paid $4.50 for a 4 year, 48 issue subscription. Several sellers on Ebay offer that deal for about the same price.
    edit: I just grabbed a similar deal on Details. I got a 3 year subscription for 4 bucks.
    Apparently some magazines sell these loss-leader subscriptions via wholesalers to boost circulation numbers. This lets them charge more for advertising, which is how they really make the money.
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    gotta say i love FHM, maxim as much as teh next guy but it only has a lil to offer for our lifestyle. Something i look forward to every month is Men's Health and it just happens that one happened to arrive today. Its a great read with health info, sex help (poistions), fashion, the occasional dating article and fitness help also.
    I also love, its a great site and they have a ton of dating stuff on there by D. DeAngelo but most of them in the archive just have the first page then link u to his double your dating website, b/c they now made the section so teh archive u have to pay for and the new articles are only free for like a week.

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    FHM for me. I think a lot of it is really funny and obviously has some nice pics.

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    Maxim entertains me much. Probably not the most helpful, though.

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    GQ is by far my favourite.
    It's got a touch of class, and encourages you more to work towards the "good life".
    Funnily enough, it was this book that led me to buy 'the game', due to a feature in the magazine about seven months back.

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    I'm gonna make this a Sticky for a while.
    While the conversation hasn't been the best - the poll shows some great advice. Why not add a magazie or two from this list to your montly reading?
    What have you got to loose? $10?
    What do you have to gain? Tips on life, health, style, women, career, money, fitness, etc...
    'Nuff said.
    All your women are belong to me.

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    online mag

    go to ||||||| its great
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