Who is your favorite Love Systems lead instructor?

View Poll Results: Who is your favorite Love Systems lead instructor

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  • Tenmagnet

    19 6.19%
  • Soul

    25 8.14%
  • Mr. M

    16 5.21%
  • LBD

    1 0.33%
  • Cajun

    108 35.18%
  • The Don

    16 5.21%
  • Sheriff

    3 0.98%
  • Moxie

    7 2.28%
  • Fader

    76 24.76%
  • Braddock

    36 11.73%
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    Who is your favorite Love Systems lead instructor?

    Use any criteria you like. You can only select one and you can only vote once. I'll leave the thread open so if people want to explain why, they can.

    Take this a little bit seriously, since this will play a role in who the Love Systems community hears a little more from in the future. It's not the be-all and end-all, but it's one more piece of data that helps.

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    I'm going to go with Moxie because he is the only one I have actually met and he seemed cool, even though he dresses like a gigolo haha

  3. I gotta go with fader because he helped me a lot with his informative posts. He also hooked me up with some insight on some of my sticking points earlier this year.

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    I've got a lot of really great information from Mr. M, Braddock, Savoy, Soul, Tenmagnet, Moxie...

    I voted for Cajun because I can relate to his infield style the most

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    I voted for Cajun. i love his blog posts, Acting in Adverts and the Keys To the V.I.P episode and the other various You Tube Interviews. He's definitley a Lovable Character.

  6. Cajun sounds the coolest to me.

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    I voted for Fader because his a chess player like me. Cajun comes close to 2nd, and I like Braddocks writings as well.

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    tenmagnet cuz hes talks about under 21 more than the other guys

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    To me it's Braddock. I don't want to kiss his ass, but he is really passionate about his teaching. Just look at the seminars he is rolling out: social circle mastery, inner game, and soon to be revamped strippers & hired guns with The Don. That guy said to himself, "I'm going to be the best pickup instructor" and he has worked for it as those seminars are proof. Respect. That really requires some bad ass dedication.

    And if you've been following the interview series, his contribution is really good. Especially Vol 25, I cannot keep talking about this IVS. It's so good.

    But I'm 100% sure it's NOT his game but his Oklahoma charm that gets him the girls!
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    I ll go with Fader also although Cajun has the advantage of good marketing from the results that i see

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