LR: CaptainJack Shows Catholic Schoolgirl De-Light
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    LR: CaptainJack Shows Catholic Schoolgirl De-Light

    ** Lay Report from St. Patricks Day **
    Get to the venue about 10:20 and there is a HUGE friggin' line and I'm pissed because I like to start early.
    Dan W. and Jason show up and we wait forever to get inside. I think we rolled in about 11:15 or so.
    Dan and I are heading to the bar because after all that waiting and getting rained on, I need a shot of patron.
    The place is packed and filled with dumb drunk girls. Sweet.
    As soon as Dan and I hit the bar a girl comes over and starts grabbing my scarf and kinoing me hardcore. I'm a bit taken aback because normally I have to flash the clown a few times before this happens...
    HBTeacher: blah, blah, blah, love your scarf thingy, blah, blah
    CJ: Cool. I like it too
    HB: Oh, I'm sorry.
    CJ: For?
    HB: You look scared or something. I don't mean to get you in trouble with your girlfriend.
    CJ: Girlfriend? ** Geez, I need some Patron, quick ** Naw, I'm just scared of drunk girls with beer bottles on St. Patrick's day. That's pretty scary. You never know what they are gonna do.
    HB: ** shocked look and then smiles ** I just talk to whoever I want...blah, blah, blah
    CJ: Yeah, that's the way it should be.
    I turn back around and Dan hands me the shot and I tell him that he has to finish his beer before I finish my shot but I'll give him a head start. We laugh. Cheer our drinks and then I blast it down.
    Ok, time to run proper game on HBTeacher. I see her looking for her friends and walk back up to her.
    HB: I'm looking for my friends.
    CJ: Your friends? They are having fun. Let's go outside.
    I start her outside and it takes FOREVER to get out there.
    On the way, a few other chicks touch my scarf. This is the value of peacocking, gives you more opportunities.
    One AMOG says some shit. He appears to be about 7 feet tall. Bald with a goatee. I immediately think of that song "Jump Around" by "House of Pain."
    AMOG: This is a pussy tail!
    CJ: What? ** making them repeat always takes a bit of mustard off of their AMOG attempt **
    AMOG: The scarf, that's a pussy tail.
    CJ: Cool man. ** As I continue dragging the girl towards the outside patio. **
    Captain Jack does not need an Irish ass-whipping...especially not when the night starts off so good.
    I get the HB outside and lock-in against the wall.
    She immediately goes into qualifying herself.
    Turns out she is a teacher - has been single for a few months now.
    CJ: A teacher? oh, god!
    HB: What?
    CJ: Every teacher I've met has been soooo bad!
    HB: Well, yeah! We have to be good all week around the children so when the weekend comes...
    CJ: It would never work out between us...
    HB: Why? Why? ** putting her hand on my chest **
    CJ: You'd always be trying to steal my attention...I'd be trying to steal your attention...
    HB: ** laughs ** blah blah blah
    I run strawberry fields.
    After the interpretation she says, "That is SOOOOO True! Omigod! How did you know all that!"
    HBTeacher: "I have to have sex like 3 times a day!"
    CJ: "3 times! I'd be worn out. You'd kill me! My back, my knees..."
    HBTeacher: "No. No. Once in the morning...once when I get home...or just twice that night."
    CJ: "Oh, I see. So you just space it out. Cool. We can do that." ** ha ha, I'm fucking sneaky. **
    Question Game.
    Craziest place she's had sex...the beach.
    My favorite place to have sex...swimming pool.
    HBTeacher: Nooooo. It makes the girl raw.
    CJ: "That's not my problem." ** she laughs **
    HBTeacher: "Where do you like to take girls to hang out."
    CJ: "Straight to my place."
    HBTeacher: "No for real. Where would you take me."
    CJ: "Straight to my place."
    HBTeacher: "ha ha, I'm not that easy..." blah blah blah
    Now, I keep thinking, "Ok dude, time for the kiss close" but she just keeps yapping and I get sidetrack like 3 times.
    Finally, we decide to look for her friends. SHE number closes me and makes sure I call her to make sure I got the number right. Which is interesting. I've noticed NOW that when I don't go for the number close and they bring it up, they'll often make me call them so they can store my number. This has happened a lot lately but never used to happen.
    I talk to the other PUAs for awhile and then we decide to get some more sarging done.
    Another chick looks at my kick-ass scarf that I bought for $5 at Wal-greens and opens me with a neg...
    HBIrish: "What ever you were thinking when you bought shouldn't have."
    CJ: I laugh..."You're a good girl, trying to act bad."
    She looks shocked and then recovers.
    HBIrish: "No, it's the other way around. I'm Irish, we're all bad."
    CJ: "Cool. I've heard irish girls have bad tempers...."
    HBIrish: blah, blah, blah
    I move on because I'm not interested.
    I'm talking to Dan W. and I point out a 3-set with two cute brunnettes. One is about an HB8...the other LOOKED like an HB8 from a distance but when I got close she turned out to be a 7.
    I tell Dan W. what the situ is about how the HB7 is sort of feeling left out...and it's a good opportunity to go over there. About that time I notice that best opportunity open up so I roll in.
    CJ: ** David Bowie **
    HBCatholic: "Who's that?"
    From there I move her outside patio. We vibe a bit and she tells me she's Catholic and I tell her that all Catholic girls are bad. That every Catholic girl I've known has loved bondage and kinky stuff. She AGREES!
    Chat with her...make her sit in my lap...get the Kino going very strong.
    I notice Matt and Dallas Shaguar and wave them over and we chat for a bit in front of HB.
    I take her back inside and sit down in a booth with her. I start the Question game.
    Gets sexual really quick.
    ** Mystery's Kiss Close **
    CJ: "You want to kiss me, don't you."
    HBCatholic: "No."
    CJ: "Oh, I didn't say you could. You just looked like you had something on your mind."
    HB: * laughs *
    I start talking about something else and we chat for another few minutes. Dan W. walks by and says, "Her friend is looking for her." I nod. She is talking on the phone to said friend.
    Her friend mentions getting something to eat and she has a guy with her. So, it is 4 of us now.
    When I get up from the table, I am surrounded by people.
    Matt, Dan W., two of Matt's friends and one of Matt's FB's (I think). I am getting introduced and people are talking to my about my archives and so forth and I'm trying to pay attention and meet people while simultaneously making sure the Bounce goes through.
    We head to IHOP.
    I consider switching Targets. friend is better looking and more bubbly. My girl is being kind of cold for some reason.
    After eating, they go to the bathroom and when they come out something has changed. She is a little more snuggly to me.
    She drops her friend and the guy off at their car. I do the hooka speech. She says it sounds realy cool. I tell her..."Let's go now. I have one at my place."
    HBCatholic: "Ok!"
    We leave my car in the parking lot and come out here.
    She was awesome in bed, except she kept on saying stuff like, "Spank me daddy! Harder daddy!!! I've been a baaaaaad girl!" Kind of on the edge for me. The last thing I want to think about during sex is family members.
    Afterwards she told me that she masturbated TWICE before going out that night. TWICE! And, that she didn't think she was going to come during sex because of that. She also told me that her friend was on a mission to get laid that night.
    Then, she asked me if I had any toys.
    -- Captain Jack
    P.S. UPDATE: HBTeacher blurred on me...that silly girl...all texts and voicemails I've sent have been ignored. Shoulda stuck with her that night to see how far I could've gotten.
    UPDATE #2: HBCatholicGirl has tried to get with me twice again but I'm currently gaming the other girl from her set who is much, much hotter.
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  2. Welcome to the MM forum CaptainJack, been following your FR/LR's on mASF and they have all been top notch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainJack
    I do the hooka speech. She says it sounds realy cool. I tell her..."Let's go now. I have one at my place."
    HBCatholic: "Ok!"
    Boooom. That is an awesome idea.
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  4. Great FR. This is the sort of thing I like to read. I really appreciate the attention to grammer and punctuation.
    Nice work, too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aslan
    Great FR. This is the sort of thing I like to read. I really appreciate the attention to grammer and punctuation.
    Nice work, too!
    Ditto. I definitely enjoyed reading your FR and took away a few ideas from it. Thanks


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